How To Summon Marbas?

Hi does anyone here know how to summon the demon marbas.

The same ways you’d summon most spirits - evocation, invocation, or opening his seal, or soul travelling to see him in his realms.


This may help you get a ‘handle’ on It. Contains spoilers! LOL.

NOTE: This is my personal, unverified experience.

To me he was a little more chaotic and beastly. A little more alien (as in unusual). More aggressive. A little difficult to tune to initially.

Take your time to tune yourself and really listen. The “voice” (or impression) is subtle. Find the feelings that aren’t yours and let Him be the boss for a bit. Let him scare you just a bit. Respect him like you would a wild bear (or something). Makes him more prominent in your “triangle”. Put your ego aside. This one has ego. It is easy for your ego to mask Marbas’ “voice”.

Once you lock in, you’ll see that it is big and powerful. Rise up and be the magus once more. Remove all fear but keep the respect.

I see reds and blacks and he appears very wide in my field of consciousness.