How to summon King Paimon


:sweat_smile: from my understanding the LBR clear the uninvited energies and whatever you intend to banish! It centers you and opens your senses! Personally I did it in front of Lucifer lol! He was still there and am like! Look at me learning this! I think he was amused? Otherwise am just so rude and delusional…


Pineapple + pizza big no no :wink:


@MiKu So, the lbr is not offensive to King Paimon and Lucifer? The reason I ask is that it just seems a good idea to do so, making sure that when I open a door, only the spirits I want come thru. I just did a basic "saying hi to King Paimon and Lucifer. I put some chocolate in a bowl and some of the alcohol I’m sipping on in a shot glass right on the table my computer is on, bidding them welcome and to please partake of the offerings I set before me ( it’s 4 Loko Gold. The chocolate is just some little Hershey bars Cheap stuff, but it’s what I’m drinking and what I have at the moment). I’m hoping they hear me, join me, and enjoy the offerings, as it was just an informal “hello”. I was watching T.V. when, for some reason, I felt compelled to do this. Could that be them talking to me? It was a strong enough compulsion that all I could think of was “I should make an offering and say hi”, so I paused the movie, set the offerings on the table (which is a mess right now), and talked to them, particularly King Paimon, then stared at his sigil while repeating his Enn ten times (that felt right somehow), bowed, and thanked him and saying “me and enjoy these offerings of chocolate and libations” and told him I was just saying hello.


It’s the intent that matters! If you are intending to banish they will leave! But if you are not! They will just look at you amused how you kicked someone that might have came along with them! :rofl: they bring a crowd of energies and am not about to just take it! Am a newbie so excuse me if I just want the teacher to my self! I also find that invoking is better for me to just have the one am calling!