How to summon asmodeus?

But what if this situation is connected not with the material, but only with the spiritual world, and one more entity is involved in it? In this case, how will this situation be resolved?

Then I have to Question what is that Situation Exactly, This Technique or Ritual if You will that i posted is meant to call Asmodeus only in a very Core Level. But To Answer Your Question, if theres one more entity let’s Suppose Zepar Then I would do a normal Evocation Ritual through sigils and Candles and I would call upon these spirits up Tell them What Must be Done.

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Thanks for the answer! The situation itself is connected with another spiritual world - the Fiery World - and its representative, Attakeria. But I would not like to describe the situation here in more detail (although I previously created a topic dedicated to this situation).

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HA! I am Listening To Songs About Fire Right Now!
Maybe If you Evoke a spirit of Fire like Asmodeus and The Spirit of Fire itself will Help you, I read quite a few things from you and they seem very interesting. We Do have some Similar Experiences with this Wolrd of Fire, Paimon and that golden Light.


Of all the representatives of the Fiery World, I develop a connection with Attakeria. Firstly, since this is my essence, and secondly, I had enough persistent memories from the “past” (not human) life. Well, in general, all the events in my life contribute to this.

Attakeria have the essence of both fire and light. In terms of capabilities and position, he is not inferior to Asmodeus. But it is difficult to resolve the issue with the help of Attakeria. As I understand it, Asmodeus wants to intermarry with the Fiery World through the spiritual child of Attakeria (not directly Asmodeus, but his son). At the same time, Attakeria is against such a development of events (everything is complicated by an agreement related to this issue).

King Paimon said that in the infernal world they know about the Fiery World, but this world is not too open for communication.

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We Can Talk About this on DM’s Since we are getting a bit off track with the topic of The Thread.


Yes, of course.


Can anyone talk to me about asmodeus and facts about his personality on dm?


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