How to summon Arawn?

How can I summon Arawn? Is there a sigil for him?

Also, does Lucifer have authority over him?

Arawn is basically the Celtic version of the Greek Hades, so why would Lucifer, who is not a god, have any authority over an actual god from a completely different pantheon? That wouldn’t make much sense.

Gods don’t generally have seals. Their use is a relatively modern invention, only being around for five or six hundred years or so.

However, you could easily make one by tracing his name onto a sigil generator. Or you could write his name in Celtic script, and use that to make contact.


For the deities, I start with the preparatory immersion technique (ie read everything you can get your hands on about him for a week or two), which will attract his attention and bring him close, then when you are ready, prepare a spiritual space and call him by his name.

A good place would be a cave, as these are said to be entrances to the underworld, but I think that would be optional.

You could also use the journeying techniques, (astral travel) using the world tree or well imagery, to go down to the underworld and meet him there on his throne.

Some info:


Thank you. Also I wasn’t referring to Lucifer the Roman god. Lucifer, the Lord of Darkness, seems to have several masks and I’m wondering if he has a Celtic mask?