How to summon a demon?

I want to summon Sitri. How do I do it?

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Evocation, projection to them, write down what you want like a message to him and a request, burn it, divination, however before doing this make sure you know how to tell the difference between actual Sitri and a thoughtform from the astral/mental.

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I’m new here, sorry, but what’s the difference?

By using the search button on your top right of your screen. You will find a lot of posts about effective summoning methods and many posts about Sitri as well :slight_smile:
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The difference between which one?

Between the actual Sitri and a thoughtform

Learn to scan them, thoughtforms are created from human thought they’re not “real” entities. While actual beings don’t exist because humanity feeds them attention. Thoughtforms do, to a point they’re practically parasites that require attention of any means to continue “existing” real entities visit the astral just as we do but they’re not from it just as we aren’t. Thoughtforms are from it.

Okay, thanks


You may put on a loop a YouTube video, for example one of binaural/monaural beats or Venus by Gustav Holst.
Then draw Sitri’s sigil and gaze at it (if you want, lighting candles and incense and adding other ritual elements), that is, relaxedly look into the seal until it seems to change; but don’t cross your eyes. At this point call him, by vibrating his name: “Siiitriii”, repeating it, his enn, or a conjuration such as “I (name) summon you Prince Sitri, appear to me…”

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