How to stop with cigarettes

Hi everyone.
To cut a long story short. I’ve been addicted to every drug on this planet for many many years. Then about 4 years ago I started meditating and practicing magick. I’m not saying it was easy but in less then 6 months I stopped doing heroine,cocaine…I was on methadone treatment too, I stopped with every chemicals. Everything was slowly going better and better. Then for some weird reason I started again smoking cigarettes.
It may sound silly, I didn’t realize that immediately,but I’m convinced that nicotine addiction interfer with any magickal work I try to do.
I mean,my magick works but not in they way I want…
Sorry ,it’s hard to explain: I see results but they have a sort of self punishment aftertaste.
So cigarettes are a sort of major blockage in my path.
I tried everything to stop without any success…
I hope that sounds logic or reasonable to any of you!

Switch over to an e-cig/vape and gradually slower the nicotine level in your liquid. It’s how numerous friends of mine got off cigs. They still use the vape, but its with 0% nicotine in their juice and the fact that they still use the vape is more out of habit now. Hope this helps.

That,s the way I did 2 years ago and it,s working! And yes finally it,s the habit do not put food in the mouth instead of cigarettes!

Read ‘The Easy Way’.

Realize how you got started and why you smoke(d) to begin with.

anxiety is a big problem,maybe you need to work it out to have the desired results to stop with the cigarette.
well it is very difficult once you have the habit of smoking

i think the key is the anxiety

Patches worked well for me. I wouldn’t exactly reccomend gum or lozenges, as I became quite hooked on those, but at least you wouldn’t be polluting your lungs, or offending the spirits with “that horrible incense”. (I take it you’ve seen EA’s Q&A video about how drug addiction effects magick?)

I have such a love/hate relationship with Nic myself…
I know it can be a roadblock for me, yet, I have used nicotine to ground myself since that age of 11 (sad, but true) I thought it stopped my “panic attacks”, but really brought me out of an “altered state”—a state which unfortunately is a needful thing for workings, yet I’m still unsure what else can pull me back to mundane-ville so quickly and easily.
On the plus side, along with blackened lungs, smokers are somewhat of social pariahs, and that keeps a lot of riff-raff at bay.

in my experience, tobacco is far more difficult to quit than heroin.

that said, i have a solution for you:)

look up “nasal snuff” tobacco. you can order it real cheap online from the UK. learn how to use it, and within a week you’ll be off cigarettes (of course, i’m generalising, but that was the case for me). within a month of using snuff regularly (like… every 15 minutes), you gradually get bored of it and just use it less frequently. it’s even regarded as a viable smoking-cessation aid in the UK, and is thus tax free.

i quite for a while, and snuff was the only thing that got me off cigarettes. then, i realised how incredibly horrible the world had become, and i started smoking twice as much again. you know, bringing me to jesus 20% faster and all that XD

but yes, seriously look into the nasal snuff. there’s all kinds of flavours etc, but personally i like spearmint or “irish high toast”. that one’s not for beginners as it’s extremely dry and fine, but it’s so cheap you can get an assorted pack and try whichever ones you want. honestly, it’s the only thing that ever worked for me, and i actually preferred it to smoking, so moving away from cigarettes wasn’t an issue at all. it’s only a few bucks for a tin, and i’ve never finished even the one tin, and i have dozens of different flavours just for the hell of it.

google “english nasal snuff” for instructions and more info. it’s very different to the american snuff, which i have trouble enjoying at all.

(btw, i used to be a medical student, and i can honestly say that nicotine replacement therapy like patches, lozenges etc have a 96% failure rate. they’re known to be ineffective, but they sell because they’re politically correct. nasal snuff isn’t promoted outside of the UK because it’s still a tobacco product, but it’s acknowledged by the government there to be effective at getting people off the fags).

yours, Tj.

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