How to stop phone spam scammers?

You know those stupid scam numbers spamming you any time of the day? I got this one number spamming me SEVEN CALLS one after another in the same minute! What spirit would stop these phone stalkers?


Other than just simply blocking the number, I’m not sure what else you can do. It seems these days even if you’re on the Do Not Call Registry, these people seem to not care and spam anyway. I use a block service that came with my cell service provider and it works pretty well.

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You could try to call Xa Turning, the God of the Internet and ask him to scrub your number from their registry.


You could do what my roommate did and spam call them back. If you get to their voicemail, fill it up with six hours of the pokemon theme song. Or you can allow the police to have the number if it is also a scam call and have them scam call them with pizza orders (yes, they got involved in the spamming too). They have not call him back since

Or block them. It all depends on how much energy you want to put into it


I don’t know if any spirits, but there are some apps out there that can help

I don’t get it? I tried looking online but I’m not sure what you’re getting at. I don’t really use my phone often but when I do I get those silly numbers a lot.

I’m confused. What don’t you get?

I’ve never heard of Xa Turning.

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Use the search function. There is plenty of information on him here.

This made me laugh. I love it!

There numerous apps that reject or at least notify spam calling most you can do is block them or let it ring. I usually lie and say I’m underage — this takes you off the list to call sometimes, there on they cannot coerce a shitty product onto me or some dodgy life insurance

there’s a function in your mobile phone for blacklisting the number that annoys you.

apart from that, defensive spirits like michael or foras come to my mind.

Recently had internet difficulties which needed wires fixed outside. Didn’t pay anything and got a discount on my account owing to those now resolved issues. Yesterday I get a call from a guy with an accent. He tells me my internet is too slow and asks me what colour the lights are on my router. I lied about the colour and number of lights. He asked for my mobile telephone number and I told him, ‘I don’t have one because I’ve just moved’. He tells me, ‘Sir, I know you have a mobile phone!’ I said, ‘What’s the number so I can advise my friends?’

He terminated the call.


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I mean I guess I could put on the Nyan cat theme song. It’s so annoying I can only get in a few seconds in without closing the tab. Maybe put on a track of a baby crying loudly? Loud airhorn sound effect? Crappy pop music? Or the darling of annoying tracks–loud porn noises. Sounds like I’m off to an adventure for the next time phone stalkers strike! XDDDDDDD

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Something happened recently with my phone. My roommate (the one with the phone plan) got another situation where my phone apparently “switched devices.” The company told them that my number switched the sim card to another one, then went back to the first, and did this process a second time until they went back to the first card, or something like that.

This is the second time an incident like this happened. The first time was some weeks ago. We called them then straightened the mess out but now it’s saying that I changed sim cards, and that the number did so at 2:00 AM in the morning.

I’m unemployed so there’s little need for me to talk to people much, and certainly not at 2:00 AM. Does Xa Turning work for phones too or just internet problems? I think someone’s spoofing my number.

They had to pay about $44.00 or so to get this straightened out. Feels like they just want money since they also tried to charge us the first time too but now they have their damn money. This never happened with our previous carrier.