How to stop nasty prayers?

So I live with the uninitiated and there are certain groups of people that know of what I do and do not favor it. It has recently came to light that they are praying against me. How could I stop such things at once

awalter666 actually had a good technique for that. But Im not sure where youd find him. Maybe fb.

Don’t worry about it. Their god is dead ( assuming they are of an abrahamic religion ). If it really bothers you, then the option of setting up some barriers is always there.
PM me tomorrow and I’ll give the details

Well my advice if you have christians praying against you is christian pastors claim they have a seal by the holy spirit of god that is sealed til their day of redemption and demons cant touch that seal for its holy but im told demons try to block around the seal trying to hinder things of the person and usually the first demon they call out in deliverance is Leviathan god of the sea because hes known to coil himself up in people spiritually i had the misfortune up growing up in a christian church no offense to nobody its not my thing but some people in the group wanted prayer felt bothered by evil forces and I heard these things quite often so my advicr is to contact Leviathan I believe he is one of the princes of hell he is known for blocking spiritual gifts and prayers to god from people just my advice from experinces I witnessed its up to you


I actually work with him

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The protection priests receive isn’t that tough really. I’ve driven the Christian energies from several churches now, it leaves me a little tired but isn’t that challenging.
To jump off what wickedkitty said, I’d suggest exploiting their arrogance in the power of their faith

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Or hot foot powder

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Hot foot powder ?

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It’s a voodou thing. It holds a special place in my heart :’)

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[quote=“Nightingale, post:9, topic:9391”]HAHAHAHABAHAHABHAHAHAHA.
It’s a voodou thing. It holds a special place in my heart :’)[/quote]
Fair enough, I’m not into the voodoo stuff myself, talked to the loa and that about it

Just convert the energy. It’s not hard and you’re not stupid. Make a spirit for it.


You remind me of the babe. Babe? Babe with with the power. Power of what? Power of voodoo. Hoodoo? YOU DO! Do what? Remind me of the babe.


If I knew how I would


I simply made a witches bottle, buried it in the yard and quit worrying about it.


Not stupid?

By calling the spirit specific to blocking all such endeavours:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:8429”]COHZIER

Being a most excellent Demonic Duke, devoted to ending the tyranny and slavery, caused by some minor desert spirit which hath lied and trolled the great and the true, and the unwise liars and leeches alike, in former times.

This is his seal:


He is under the dark aspect of Bael, namely, the toad-headed aspect.

COHZIER is “Of The Rank Of A Duke” which is to say, one rank beneath a King, and governing a Duchy in his own right.

As such, he is both worthy of respect, and greatly appreciative of it. He has been waiting a long time for this hour.

And he will remain with us, through the rebuilding, and at all times when the bereaved slaves of the false desert entity seek to drag real people into their delusions, or to fabricate a new set of lies.

He appears as a toad or a frog with rustling, grizzled black feathers, somewhere between a raven and a vulture, bearing a shield upon his chest and the symbol of the inverted pentagram, as a friendly gesture of his intent and affiliations.

His voice is grating, somewhat croaky, and he will sometimes echo or rattle his words.

Summoning COHZIER

He likes to be summoned with the magician facing West, and he will shield the magus and advise in all matters opposing the troll god of the Abrahamic faiths. COHZIER takes a special interest in those pledged to the Left-Hand Path of personal empowerment, but will also aid witches who honour nature, shamans, and those who would otherwise be persecuted for their magickal actions.

He will shield you, when summoned, and protect you from its forces and its acolytes, including those who are unaware they’re being used. He has laser-sharp situational awareness for all things pertaining to its energy.

He will help you to locate any objects in your Temple (and home) that are carrying its energy, and will advise as to which spirits are safe, and which unsafe, to work with while committed to this work.

Offerings & Iconography

Aside from the portrait above, his favoured image is the Tarot card Page of Cups from the Rider-Waite deck ripped in half, lengthwise, for which you may print a single card and tear the image, keeping the half with the fish in, and burning the discarded right-hand half if possible.

If you draw his sigil (including the circle) and pin it to the head of your bed (behind the headboards or otherwise out of sight is acceptable) he will protect you as you sleep from any actions of the troll god, by enwrapping you in his wings as you sleep. Likewise, you may carry it with you at all times if you wish.

He likes to be offered sausages made with pork meat, or if you won’t eat meat, he enjoys nuts, and spinach, and red wine – the finer type, not nasty cheap stuff.

Making a meal that incorporates one of these, offering him some of the food (with a little wine in a cup perhaps) on a small plate to the West and invoking him as you eat is an excellent opportunity to bond with him, if you wish to be wholeheartedly linked to this excellent demonic Duke.

Leave it on his altar afterwards, ideally until it’s slightly too stale or spoiled for a human (and OUT of the reach of pets) and then if possible, bury it in the earth to the west of your home, or wrap it in some clean paper and put it in the trash.

If you wish to bind his energies to a piece of jewellery or a crystal for your altar, all of the speckled greenish stones are suitable, especially Jasper, Moss Agate, Green Serpentine, and any other piece which has the mottled appearance of a toad or frog.

He is entirely uninterested in “ritual purity” – you may evoke him in filthy or infested locations, unwashed and tired: he enjoys the presence of shed hair, and will happily make a nest for himself in any collections of dirt or dust in your home.

If you live in a house of the standard design, there may be a collection of dust and mess in the attic under the eaves, and if so, offer him the dust and kipple to the west as his roosting point and base of operations.

Other Notes

Pronunciation: the H in his name (COHZIER) represents a break and a slight “huh” sound, don’t run the first syllable of his name into the 2nd, it should be COH ZIER (coh zee-ayy).

All A sounds in his enn are more like in “CAT” than in “FATHER.”

From his enn: ZHAHRULLIS – Zha as “Zhivago” – YouRube video pronunciatoion guide to Zhivago.

-HRULLIS – HRULL as a single syllable, the H is not silent.

Emphasised syllables in bold: IMNA ZHAHRULLIS NAMNA COHZIER.

COHZIER will not harm any animals, pets etc., you don’t need to shield them when summoning him – he loves all the beasts.

He has some facility for other things, which you can ask him about when you summon him forth, but he is primarily interested in opposing the god of Abraham.

And once this world is cleansed, he will work with us to build a fitting base for THEOGENESIS.



Me too :slight_smile: Crossing works as well !


I don’t think it’ll cause you any real issues to be honest. From my experience many Christians lack any real power. They’re disconnected from God and neglect their mystic roots.

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Speaking as a former catholic seminarian, I can attest that training of priests in the Catholic Church deals a lot with psychology and very, very little with mysticism.

I was at two seminaries: one in Stockholm and Allen Hall in London. At neither did the training of future priests pay much attention to the church’s roots in mysticism, even classes titled ‘spirituality’ was more concerned with psychology than mysticism or how to experience it. Au contraire, we were ‘taught’ that none of us would probably ever experience any form of mystical experiences and that we’d better get used to the thought!

Also, have you noticed how the saints has changed over the centuries? Back in the day, saints were commanding wild animals and armies of angels, whereas lately most are obedient little monks and nuns getting themselves sanctified for their obedience? There are notable exceptions, ofcourse, such as Maximillian Kolbe, but the church of today teaches its future priests that mysticism isn’t for everyone, and that their path to sainthood therefore goes thru obedience and lack of imagination.

On top of that, most evangelical churches couldn’t care less about the church’s mystical roots or anything related to it, so @Mider2009 appears to be quite right about most christians of today having lost their contact with the church’s spiritual and mystical roots.


when we look at the fact, that christianity is rooted in the belief of giving all authority up towards an greater Entity,
while at the same time, blindly following it, without ever understanding and getting in touch…

How shall someone Keep a good relationsheep with that? :stuck_out_tongue: