How To Stop An Annoying Nosy Old Woman From Needless Complaining?

There’s an old woman who gets mad at me for sitting down at work and complains to the managers about it, making a big show for nothing. I work in retail where I have to be on my feet, but I get a chair as one of my accommodations so I sit on that so my back can rest whenever things are slow and nothing else is going on. Whenever there’s a customer coming I get up to take the order of course.

This has gone on for at least three weeks since another employee transferred out. I figured “Oh well she’s an annoying old lady. She’s probably used to getting what she wants in her personal life but whatever. She doesn’t pay my bills and I don’t see her all the time.”

Then today happened. She asked me a VERY personal question and I couldn’t anymore. What an employee does in their personal life does not concern a fussy customer. I texted my store manager about it but since they doesn’t want people texting them when they’re off the clock I didn’t get a response today but this was much too important for the other managers and this was more for their seniority level to deal with anyway so I’ll wait for a response. Whatever comes out of this, no regrets. I work with a job coach and just like how they helped find me my previous seasonal job, I can get another one. Another employee that was hired a day before me already left a week or two or so ago so maybe it’s time for me to leave.

Anyway besides leaving (which is difficult to do with my situation) and telling my manager waiting for a response, is there some kind of spell to stop this arrogance and gossiping? This woman is way out of line and I’m tired of senile old people thinking everyone around them is beneath them. Dogs like this need the muzzle. What should I do?


The old lady is a bully.

Belial can shut her down.

King Paimon can get the management to act.

Archangel Michael can stop the bullying and silence the gossip.


I work with a multiversal consciousness I call the shining one and he really gets things done. He will assign you someone to solve that problem if you ask him. He might kill her or at the very least incapacitate her. Who knows but it can’t hurt to try right?


May I inquire about education on these dr.thoth? :wink:

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Hey how do I initiate contact with the shining one

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There’s a ritual in Angels of Wrath to “silence an enemy”, also this:

From Demons of Magick.

Both books are by Gordon Winterfield


Do you know what the multiverse is? The Multiverse Hypothesis Explained by Neil deGrasse Tyson - YouTube
This is my man Neil Tyson explaining it. Basically a multiversal consciousness is something that is aware of infinite universes simultaneously and can shift and alter and change the structure of a single universe to sprout a new universe. Even retroactively as in it can go back in time and change the past of a specific universe to create a new version of the universe parallel to the one currently occupied.


Have you ever had powerful synchronicities or coincidences and serindipitous events play out? Glitches in the matrix that work in your favor? Say you’ve done a successful ritual and seen the results. Well whatever spirit, angel, demon, god etc that did that for you uses a force of probability and superposition to collapse the wave function to produce an observable outcome. The force they use is governed by this and even they are subject to it’s whims and fancies. Focus on that and collecting the objects it has touched.


Why don’t you just politely ask her to mind her own business

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I told her very politely “Please don’t ask me personal questions like that.” and her body language looked like she regretted it and backed off. Thing is that may come across as being confrontational and that’s the responsibility for a manager so even if I was in the right this could have been a bad idea. I don’t care though because her complaint was not about the store but about me personally. Still it was a risk but I don’t regret it since this isn’t the kind of job where my whole family is depending on me like how other people’s situations might be. I’m tired of this feeling like she’s an obnoxious family member trying to insert herself into my life when she has no place in my life.

We’ve even helped her with her ridiculous stacks of coupons that she always brings so she’s a cheap asshole along with her equally cheap son who does the same shit, (coupons always give us problems, even experienced managers who have been there for years have trouble with the coupons) and she still complains about the people helping her??? Then she should shop somewhere else.

The arrogance and ego of some people is absolutely amazing. It’s the kind of feeling where you know these people exist since you see it on tv but it doesn’t become real until it happens to you. I mean I’ve been around idiots who don’t notice or care how their words are going to come out…but this bitch takes the cake!!!

How do I do that?

I explained it here. How To Stop An Annoying Nosy Old Woman From Needless Complaining? - #8 by AdamThoth

So Angels Of Wrath and Demons Of Magick are the books to read if I can’t talk to spirits? Just speak sincerely and they’ll hear my concerns and do what I request?

now I wanna be multiversal lol

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Angels of Wrath is what you could call an ultra baneful work. Maybe a bit overkill to use on some random Karen doing what they do. I’d rather recommend Magickal Protection by Damon Brand, it has multiple rituals perfect for this situation.


I think that was a proportionate response. The idea of killing someone for rudeness seems a bit like “Imma take that petty and bullying god out of the Old Testament and try to outdo him for spite and nastiness.”

If she’s abusing power over you, she’s the bully; if you bring seriously disproportionate force to the situation just because you can, that means you are doing the same thing, and YOU become the bully.


I mean killing her sounds a little too much. This is retail so idiots overload. To be fair, she apparently has a son and if he’s anything like her, then things could be even worse. Imagine her but as a much younger person, and a man with a man’s strength. Who knows if he (or anyone else) would shoot up the place for the dumbest things? I saw a guy across the street screaming at the traffic when I went to get propane for another customer once and I was unnerved at this disturbing behavior. Still it was one idiot, he was across the street away from the store, and since he had nothing to do with me I went about my day and thought about how some loony toon went banana sandwich for nothing.

Another time a customer asked to speak to the manager. She found the store manager and I guess he was in the back because after a while I could hear this woman screaming at him to high heaven about how he took her money or something from allllll the way in the front! I don’t know what happened but she was upset. While she was at the register making a notation of his name screaming back at him I was ringing up another customer and after the other woman left, I told the woman I was ringing up “Another day in paradise! XDDDDDD” I figured I’d turn a negative into a positive! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Still, if some freak accident does happen like physical violence, then I’d consider my options but as of now that seems way too much for just wanting her to stop. Things like pepper spray and tasers sound perfectly fine. If she goes to jail at that age then so be it. Not my fault if she wants to pick fights with people.

You think pepper spraying old ladies, tasering them (good for the heart, and brittle bones), or having them thrown in jail where they’ll likely be victimised, and if they survive, potentially be left homeless and with crippling stigma, is cool because she upset your feelings, in a job you don’t even plan to stay in? :thinking:

I am beginning to see how orthodoxies and blasphemy laws are formed. She was rude, so you want to destroy her life? That belongs to the same harmonic as Yahweh’s worst excesses, witch-hunts that killed all those nasty old Karens who dared challenge the might of the Church.

She should have bowed down before you, and grovelled that you spare her puny human life. If only she had known what a Mighty One she crossed!

This is fascinating.

Personally I’d just have tried talking to her like a fellow human being, and if that failed, tasked one of the many “leave me alone” spirits, and/or found myself a better job, but whatever. :smiley:


I do agree that something like a death spell is too much, even before you made that comment. I guess that was ambiguous since I said “some kind of spell” instead of specifically saying, “a spell to silence her and come to a peaceful resolution.”

While I did ask @AdamThoth about the multiversal consciousness who can apparently get things done, assign someone to help, kill, or incapacitate, I wasn’t thinking of wanting her death just because he mentioned it. Personally I was more interested by @Veil’s and @Dankquanicus’s book recommendations on how to make people lose interest in me. That’s a better and my preferred outcome than having her bereaved family suffering like that. This isn’t the medieval “sins of the father” era where everyone in the family should suffer for one person’s shenanigans. @Dankquanicus said that Angels Of Wrath was overkill, so Magickal Protection sounds like the better option.

I don’t want to ruin her life. I don’t think it’s “cool.” But the people that have come there aren’t as kind-hearted as the people you may have met. Personally I want to avoid confrontation which is why I didn’t say anything for around a month. I’d prefer it if she either doesn’t come or just leaves me alone to ring up her stuff without her grouchy nagging. I’m not her child. I don’t have to answer to her.

I figured if she was a married adult woman before I could even talk then she would have taken the hint by now that maybe the manager approved it for certain reasons instead of being so petty and vengeful about it. I thought older people would be smarter than than (seeing how she has the social skills to find a husband and have a son with him) but I guess not everyone ages like fine wine.

I have been patient with her and she escalated from being annoying to asking me something that was far beyond being intrusive. She was way out of line and she’s going beyond just “hurting my feelings.” If she keeps pushing then I have to see what my options are. I have a right to defend myself and fights can escalate very quickly. Not everyone is going to be friendly. Just because someone is armed that does not instantly make them a criminal despite what the tv wants everyone to believe. I really don’t want a fight. I want peace but life isn’t always going to go my way either.

If I fit into the Yahweh mold like you seem to think then don’t you think I would have asked for spells on how to kill her, how to ruin her life, or how to destroy her? I didn’t ask for a death spell or anything to make her suffer bedridden with some horrible illness. But I have seen older people with this kind of personality. I don’t know what she’s capable of but if someone like this keeps at it, what am I supposed to do? Let her hurt me? I’m not asking for a fight and I don’t want one. There’s no point. Getting physical with people has no positive meaning for me, and there’s nothing good that would come from a physical altercation. I’m saying that if it does happen, I want to stop it before it gets out of hand. What’s wrong with defending myself?

As for the whole “bow before me” thing, I’ve been around an actual control freak who hated me just for my being me, and the adults around us dismissed my comments about how this person wanted me dead. This was not an easy thing for a child to endure, and because of their personalities I have to go to professionals to deal with this kind of anxiety and stress this caused for me. I don’t want to be anything like that. Even now this person gets aggressive when we disagree with their opinions on things like politics, relationships, religion, and many other topics. This person does not have the emotional maturity to disagree peacefully so I don’t speak to them.


While you’re at it maybe do some money magick so people like this are way below your paygrade.

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