How to stop all feelings for someone, and also make them feel everything they have put you through/still going through

Hello, I need a cut and clear spell that is simple and really works, tried one before it did nothing…
I am a woman in a two year relationship with a man, i feel may have played and used me, he asked me to be his GF then months later asked me to be engaged,( at the time he said its a real engagement just without the ring because i am going through a divorce), many break ups (he always did the breaking up), verbal and emotional abuse.I have no where else to go, most of my family are gone, no friends here. We broke up almost a year ago, except twice for about a week each time got back together, then a fight would happen, then he would break up with me again. Both of us are adults over 40, in his past he has been married four times, many GFs , some i just recently found out about, he had been lying to me about… he said over 50 so called gfs before his first marriage at age 25, but says he is not a player. ok whatever. I feel he played me and used me for a roommate to help with bills.
So Much more to this situation, Part of me thinks he really cares about me but he feels I cant accept him and his past, there is so much more to all of this, he has problems showing love affection and voicing these things as well it seems. . He was hurt bad with some of the exes, parent issues as a child, trust issues…on and on.

But we all have been hurt and have trust issues… so I have no idea what in the hell is going on, I cant live like this anymore. I need to stop having any feelings for him ASAP.

**The issue is, i NEED to have my feelings for him to stop and just see and feel about him as if he is nothing but a room mate. The feelings of rejection and being disposed of,lied to, feeling not good enough , the non reciprocation, the feeling he may be talking to others is hurting my health in all ways,its ruining my life. I need my power back, and to just be me again, none of my feelings/energies attached to him.

I also think I deserve much better then being treated like this, its wrong, he needs to feel all this now.

I want to keep any feelings of love and attachment he may have for me, i want him to hurt and go through everything he has and still is putting me through!!

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Basic spells are often the best.
You need to do a “cutting the cords” ritual followed by a mirror spell, I think.
Take a cord and carry it on you for a week. Hold it whenever you think about him. You need to visualize all your feelings going into the cord. If you can get a strand of his hair to wrap around the cord, even better.
The purpose of waiting a week is to really get the energy you have for him in there.
Now you are ready for the spell. This is best done the night after the full moon as that is the time for banishment.
I don’t know what particular tradition you follow but prepare for the cord cutting as you would prepare for any other spell/working(call the energies you work with…).
Hold the cord aloft and, focusing all your feelings for this person, declare that once the cord is severed, so too will be your feelings and connections. Cut the cord. Bury it. (fyi, if you do this right you will either feel an immediate flood of all new emotions or you will suddenly feel nothing. Either way, you will feel different and free, like you can finally breathe).

Now, the mirror spell can be done immediately after in the same time. Take a handheld mirror (even a compact will work, as long as it is new) and speak into the mirror all the pain he has caused you. Speak into the mirror as though you are speaking to him. Once you have finished, turn the mirror from you and declare that with the turn of the mirror, you reflect all of this pain back onto him. Declare that you are cursing him to bear and feel all the pain he has caused you. Be elaborate and cruel with your wording. Curses aren’t meant to be nice. If you can attach something of his to the mirror (like a hair or similar small item) it will work even better. Do not look into the mirror again and place it in his room (perhaps under his bed) where the reflection is pointed out towards him.

These are extremely basic examples of these spells and can be performed by anyone as well as made far more elaborate. I hope this helps.


Thank you very much, this all sounds like what I need. I practice Witchcraft and Hoodoo. The first time i tried the cut and clear, it did not work… most likely because I still have some hope. I have a mirror box/ coffin, it has broken mirror pieces all in the inside of it, for reflecting, sending back or reversing things back . I do have some of his hair, I live with him, I can get a hold of used clothing and other personal concerns if i need them.

I would love to feel free and light, and yes like I can breathe and think right finally,… Feel like I have myself back again.

Thank you , LaStrega.

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I had to forcibly break my (abusive) first boyfriend’s hold on me, which was not easy since he practiced black magick (and at that point I did not). I’ll PM you.