How to stay Lucid while dreaming


Last night i called upon 4 spirits to help me have a lucid dream Lucifer, Azazel, Lillith, and Hecate. I managed to become lucid but i didnt stay if that makes since it happened 3 times last night, where i knew i was but i didnt stay. does anybody have any idea how to stay lucid while you dream?

I have never been able to remember to look at my hands when it happens maybe because they usually are in my perifrial all day anyways i never really notice a diffrence with them.


There are several methods besides reality checks (which are unreliable unless you do them right and focus each time), you must feel that you are dreaming, not just think it. It just takes time and practice, and you don’t need magick to achieve lucidity, just time and practice


I have had good ones before but it’s weird now after I become lucid and don’t do anything about it I snap back to sleep without even realizing I was lucid

I hope anything that I type makes since I haven’t got a lot of sleep last night. And thanks


Test is my big clue that I’m dreaming - it keeps changing in dreams and won’t stay put. That annoys me and helps me figure it out.


A member who left the forum a while back posted a routine and it was along the lines of, each day before sleep recall your day from start to finish, then that helped train your mind to remember dreams if you did something like it on waking up as well, and finally it would assist with lucidity in the dream, I copied it and tried it a couple of times (think this was around 2014) then got distracted trying something else, I went to re-download and he’d deleted the post and then left.

It looked pretty solid and reminded me of other methods to train your mind, so I suggest asking spirits for that kind of knowledge maybe?


I am planning to read the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce,
That may be helpful for you too; I guess

Bruce is well known for his book Energy Work and is actually doing some vids on EA’s channel.


Thanks for the replys guys was at work so I couldn’t respond but I’ll keep what you said in mind


My stupid brain! … i woke up in my dream… and did a reality check… am i dreaming… everything feels real… look out car window at the traffic, the road ahead all of the detail to the horizon… my brain decideds its “too detailed to be a dream” … and ive lost it!!

Still, at least i had a moment! So its progress