How to start

Hi, I’m new to this site but I am not new to metaphysics and psionics. I want to learn to become a living god and start magick and I need your help on to how to start out on all this. I really have no clue where to start. If anyone would be so kind and just comment on to where I can start that would be nice. Thank you.

work trough the video courses E.A. has put out, read the free e-book and make sure you sign up for the emails from BALG and read up on all the previously posted emails.

Firstly: What do you want to learn magic and become a living god for? Do you want to make an empire, know everything, transcend the flesh? Have a clear intent.

Second thing to do is see what path under the pathworking section interests you the most. Read a few threads in each and make your choice.

Except for LHP and RHP. Those two don’t count really as a path, they are more of an outlook although arguments can be made for either side.

So, first pick either Necromancy/Voodoo/Vampirism/Sephiroth and Qillipoth/Elemental magic before advancing.

I suppose the first place to step is into the fire, destroy yourself and become reborn from the ashes. Begin your workings with something massive which will no doubt cause chaos in your microcosm, this will allow you to know the power of these beings. After this you may seek out demonic possession and a group which will train you such as the tempel ov blood or the order of the nine angles

If you wish to join the blood temple simply contact [email protected]
He will provide you with a North Carolina address which you’ll send a nine page letter of self introduction and a recent self photograph all sealed in an envelope with a correct return address

Where can I find these things?

I liked the left hand path and elemental path

How do I “step into the fire”?
How can I start my work with somthing massive? And what might “massive” be? How do I start on that?
Why would I wanna be possessed by a demon? What good comes out of that?
Lastly, what is The Blood Temples?

Thank you all for the help

Stepping into the fire means putting everything on the line for power, if I was going to say anything was massive it would be the dark gods, lucifer, or abaddon. You’d simply open their seal or buy a relic opened as a gateway to them by a magician who dwells in these darker realms, I could recommend a good one if interested. Demonic possession has the ability to bestow power and create a massive psychic link between you and that demon which allows you to contact it easily

So you want me to summon or evoke god or demons? How do I open up a seal? Which demon would you prefer for demonic possession?

I am a complete newbie and if you tell me do somthing without instructions and why, I won’t understand.

Eh there’s got to be something on here teaching seal opening, it would take ages for me to explain. I know you can go to necromaster for demonic possession because he studies it pretty intensely. Id probably say abaddon… You’re not yet at a stage where you can evoke these beings so you’re merely looking for their training and assistance

It won’t let me PM necromaster. Is there another way to contact him?
So what am I going to be doing with these beings like abbadon? I don’t get this at all

Yea necromaster got banned, he is still practicing though and has a business. He wouldn’t mind aiding you, I just asked him via text message. Contact him at [email protected]

@ Darklord
He has a business, so him helping me wouldn’t cost right…?

Depends what you wanted done. Obviously ritual work done isn’t free but he charges like 1/3 of what this place does

He used to run a business off here so there should be reviews posted. I don’t think he ever had an unsatisfied client

email newsletter :
video course :
and be sure to watch E.A. & Gozer’s podcast at youtube :

best of luck to you.

I agree with this, what do you want to get from magick - what’s your kind of vision of you, successful, in maybe 2 or 5 years time?

You don’t have to post that here obviously but if you know what you want, you’ll be able to avoid anything that might steer you away from it and laser-focus on the things that will get you that result quickly.

I have short-term, medium-term, and very long-term (including future-life) goals and while they’re subject to me changing my mind, they give me a kind of compass to steer by.

Dude I suggest you start with E.A.s newsletter, specially this one:

And this one:

With those you’ll have a nice ground to start.

The book “Works of Darkness” is also a good one to start, all the others require kind of mid to advance level in my opinion.

About necro’s services:

I’ve bought two things a teaching Egregore (when he was still doing those) and recently a gateway that allows you to get really easy communication with spirits (I mean really easy) as well as get familiars with it so it’s quite convinient. I’ll make a post about it since it’s been long enough to speak of results.

Now I have not undergo possession but seems like one of the fastest, yet hardcore, ways to pathwork an entity (That means to learn magic directly from a powerful entity and at the same time learn the secrets of that entity as well as gaining the spiritual authoritah that the entity has).

His prices are expensive but instead of buying from the web you should contact him first to get some kind of discount and a better explanation.

Also, I recommend the book “Modern Magic” by Donald Michael Kraig, is a really nice book (the 12 lessons on high magic) that aborad the more basic subjects in a really nice way, it will give you occult context which is as useful as the practical lessons in my opinion.

With all that you’ll have enough for some months so, since is your start, take your time, be patient and work one day at a time.

Edit: when I say I have not undergo possesion I mean like hardcore possession. I have experienced Lucifer’s possession briefly. I didn’t lost my consiousness and what I felt was like if I had been invested by some energy and my crown felt incredible light and open.
Never experienced a full possession or many day’s posssession. Just to be clear.