How to spot a psychic attack?

So lately, I’ve been feeling anxious and on edge for no reason. I trued to brush it off at first, but I’ve come to the realization that it may be a psychic attack.

The other night, I called upon Archangel Michael because I was feeling scared. No reason for the fear. I don’t know where it came from.

When this was starting up, I had a sudden coughing fit, which resulted in me gagging. There was no reason for that, and it didn’t happen again. I’ve been having stomach cramps, headaches, and fatigue. I’m not sick, which I thought I was at the time.

Yesterday, I had a dream that I had lost my mum. Which makes me think even more that this could be a psychic attack, trying to get to me by taking away the one person in my life that I truly care about. It was probably just a dream, but it shook me and made me feel upset and frightened.

Is this a psychic attack? Or am I just overthinking things? I’ll be honest, I don’t think a spirit is causing this. But what do you guys think?



Perform a banishing ritual. If the fear and related issues stop, it could be an attack and other countermeasures might be called for. If the banishing doesn’t help, then it is most likely something internal to your mind.


Do as DK said. It could be another mage I know a few around here have been throwing magick hard to hurt anyone lately. Might be getting residual from it.


If the banishing doesn’t work, should I see a doctor just to make sure it’s not warning signs of an physical illness? I know it seems like a dumb question.


It’s not a dumb question at all. It’s a very smart one.

It is always a good idea to rule out a physical cause. In my opinion, some people are a bit too quick to immediately jump to spiritual conclusions when they feel any kind of symptom. What you have described could be nothing more than an anxiety attack or a even the onset of a possible allergy but it could also be the start of something worse and testing is required to find out.

Banish, and see if your symptoms lessen or disappear. If they do, then try to do the banishing twice daily for a week, first thing upon awakening, and again before bed. It’s a good habit to get into anyway, but try it for a week and then stop and see if your symptoms return. If they do, then someone is attacking you, and you can decide on countermeasures.


Usually someone who has a sob story after you litrally just met them. Then you start feeling ill shortly afterwards. Shielding is the key lol.


“Yesterday, I had a dream that I had lost my mum.”
Meaning someone or something forced your left side of the body.

If you feel uptight, pressure in btw ears and eyes, is a psychic attack, it can be done even unconsciously by a child per example. But if someone is targetting you, usually is shortness of breath and tight plexus, restless legs or tremblings in the nerves.

Best way to reverse that atention upon you is to drop any thought about the attack. Don’t bother in thinking bad because of what is happenning or if someone is doing something. Just focus on yourself, breathe is the key and start by channeling the breath into left side of the first angle.
One very quick and easy way is to have a partner of the opposite sex doing Tantra.

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My initial instinct, which I would bet money one being right, was that you were over thinking things. Relax and increase your mediation time. Take the time to reflect on your own thoughts and concerns and you’ll see less of this in the future.

Good Night Becca.
I recommend reading Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense.
And also minor and greater Banishing rituals, then some Chaos magic procedure, proceeding with a spell to drive away the person you think caused it (note, only if you know the person is your enemy, do not do it if you is in doubt).

Hi Becca, I’ve posted a few protection rites on here that you can use to stop any magick directed towards you or your home. Also don’t be worried, people who throw curses around like turn out to not be good at them, they’re just children trying to go on an ego trip.

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Ahh shit, I need to reed the comments before commenting next time, I just want to say I’ve been dealing with a similar thing, including the mum thing. In fact I was crying today about her. I have been using a banishing ritual and it provides seeming relief which combined with an experience I had one night about a month ago where, I dont remember this, but I apparently was vicisciously and fluently talking in tongues in my sleep. Roommates heard from the other room. The next day I felt so fucked up. My knee was swollen and red and I couldn’t extend my leg or walk. Later that day my other joints and bones hurt, like I’d been beat up in my sleep. I dont remember anything, but I have suspected something fucking with me since that night. It comes and goes. Banishing is effective, which is why I think its something. I am just slightly concerned for longer term methods of protection or if active banishing long term is the best solution and I need to just be less lazy.

Anyway, I think the signs can be quite varied, so it’s hard to say for sure. If banishing helps, I’d likely keep it up. I’m a noob though so dont take my word.

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i would say things just start going south outta nowhere, hives, low energy, feeling bummy…I mean I could go on and on.