How To Soul Travel Guaranteed

What Soul Travel is and isn’t.

Okay whats the difference between Astral Projection and Soul Travel, its actually simple Astral Projection / Astral Travel is entering and exploring just The Astral Plane and Astral Realms. Soul Travel is exploring all spiritual planes, Astral, Mental, Casual and Soul Planes etc.

Now to clear a misconception when you leave your body, you aren’t fully exiting the flesh you are merely projecting your subtle bodies out of you and transferring your consciousness into it allowing you to see, hear and operate that spiritual vehicle.

This isn’t like the movies or television your body doesn’t fall asleep you will still be conscious of your physical body, you will still be conscious of things in the physical while being conscious of the spiritual realm your in simultaneously. The longer your in that realm the less connection you’ll feel in the physical where sometimes you might not feel the physical world at all like a disconnection.

Yes that’s right you will still hear things in your room and feel the bed your on and at the same time be in another world. Now we understand this how is it done, forget techniques what is the true way to leave the body without failure, i’ll tell you.

Preparing Self.

This post is for those who have tried to soul travel but they just can’t just do it, do all these steps and you will be soul traveling in no time.
I recommend this highly prepare yourself first don’t just lye down and do it, i mean it could work but this is a highly recommended way to begin.

First of cleanse yourself i recommend a shower or bath, once that is done and your body is clean, next simply drink a glass of cold water afterwards, then get changed into something comfortable and enter this meditation below.


Sit down, back straight and relax visualize in the air particles of bright light, this is omnipotence as omnipotence exists everywhere, within and without think about these particles they make up all physical and spiritual existence.

Now see them like millions of miniature suns holding the power of creation, destruction and omnipotence, feel the air become thick with power now inhale and visualize and feel these particles of light enter you filling you with pure omnipotence and as you exhale push out all stress, dirty energy, anxiety, worries etc, see it as brownish gunk energy.

The power of the particles in the air destroys the energy you disposed off, next inhale again hold the light in your chest for six seconds see and feel it spinning in your chest then as you exhale feel it clean you, heal you and empower you, then inhale solidify that power and exhale the harmful energies out and keep repeating this.

When you feel cleansed, healed and filled with omnipotence see the light so bright within you, its bursting through the pores of your skin. Now ground that power within you and say
" I am eternal ".

Golden Cross Exercise.

Light three candles shape them into a triangle large enough to stand in, with your middle and index finger visualize blue fiery energy flow down your arm into each candle trace a large energetic triangle of blue fire.

Next sit outside the triangle meditate in front of it, vibrate “OM” feel that vibration push universal power into the triangle solidifying the power of the energetic flames raising that areas vibration to a cosmic / celestial current.

Visualize the flaming triangle for a while feeding the energetic construct your attention solidifying the triangles presence. Now observe it feel the power radiate from it, feel the flames from the candles feeding the energetic triangle before you.

Now say

" Golden light, Light of the soul descend into the triangle before me to help me ascend beyond my flesh ".

Now either see using your astral senses the golden light that will manifest in the triangle or if you haven’t got those senses yet then visualize it, either way the light is there, if you call it, it will manifest.

Now stand before the golden light and say

" I summoned the light of the soul planes to manifest, to remove blockages, to remove hindrances or anything that will stop me from leaving my flesh when i choose ".

Push that will into the triangle see or visualize the golden light become a beaming golden cross, and no this has nothing to do with the JCI the cross is a very ancient symbol which the ascended masters told me is the sign of the soul.

Now stand inside the triangle extend your arms and bring your feet together until your body forms a cross and say

" May the soulful golden cross ignite within me ".

Now visualize and feel its power burn away all blockages in your subtle bodies, in the chakras, in your soul, in your psyche and in your physical body and auric field, until every cell in your body is burning with golden light.

Expansion Of Self.

Enter meditation, simply meditate on nothing for a while then with your eyes closed, inhale deeply and as you do feel and visualize your growing and expanding beyond your home, beyond your town / city, beyond the state, beyond the country beyond earth and beyond the cosmos.

Feel yourself expanding as you inhale and exhale, until your in the center of the universe a intuition inside of you will tell you when to stop, see the universe before you, feel as if your head has reached the heavens and your feet are in the lowest of the abyss.

Realize that when you view all this creation you must realize everything is energy.see all creation dissolve and become energy inhale deeply and breathe in all of creation allow that light to fuel your subtle bodies.

With this extra surge of energy feel yourself expanding beyond faster and faster until you disconnect with all of reality, this constant expansion places you in a very strange trance which strengthens and energizes the subtle bodies and aura.

The longer your disconnected with reality the more your vibrations raise to the point where you may no longer be able to think, feel or hear or see anything for a few moments.

Launching Pad.

Now you have done all the exercises you are ready, first you need a soul launch pad, a space where soul travel is a lot easier to do. Best thing to do is have a corner of the room and clean that area physically and you can banish energy using a banishing rite too.

Place out some crystals, light a few candles, light some incense, Place a cushion there to sit on really add stuff to that corner which makes it sacred to you. Next put your hands in the prayer position while sitting in that corner and say something like …

" I call out to the ascended masters, Lords of worlds and realms, hear my prayers bring down you power to bless, consecrate and empower this sacred space ".

You will feel a blanket manifestation of the masters surrounding that area you might not see them but they are there waiting for you, next simply meditate there and get used to this new sacred space feel its power given by the ascended masters, you may even wish to use the “OM” mantra for preparing the area.

The Preliminary Rite Before Leaving The Body.

Make sure you’ve eaten something, make sure your hydrated and relaxed now your going to learn how to push the vehicle you’ll use to operate through the realms with. Your energy body, it has many other names but lets just stick with that for now.

So enter meditation think of all you have done so far, all the progress you’ve made, you know deep inside you, you will have success, because you won’t fail, doubt is the prison don’t doubt and you will succeed.

Now feel inside of you a energy all inside of you, inhale and as you do you feel the energy become stronger, then exhale you feel it pulsate, repeat this over and over until you feel a energetic body inside of you.

Simply tell yourself " I project this body before me " as you exhale feel the pressure push past your skin visualize that energy body in front of you. It’s just a empty body of energy but its right there then inhale and feel it enter you again, do this over and over until you have perfect control of it.

Soul Travel instructions.

Sit in your launch pad area, visualize a blue light enter you from your head feel it fill your head as you inhale and as you exhale it relaxes your head and facial muscles, then inhale and see the light enter your neck relaxing it as you exhale, do this until all the body is illuminated with relaxing light.

Next focus on the powerful vibrations around you, in your mind still feel the ascended masters energy there guiding you, next push that energy body out in front of you like in the previous exercise. When the energy body is in front of you project your inner sight / consciousness into the head of the energy body, by inhaling and then exhaling deeply entering the energy body.

Visualize a flash of white light this is the divine connection with your energy body, then see through look down with your inner sight at your energy body, to move just think of it and you’ll move, to go forward inhale deeply and collect energy and exhale using that energy to go to a certain spot as you inhale and exhale again feel yourself anchor to that spot.

This will ensure you don’t return to your body and will keep you grounded, don’t worry if things aren’t exactly how they normally look because this is normal its the perception of your consciousness in a new form.

Now go travel and come back when ever you want, i’d suggest finding spiritual gates and open them like a sigil and traveling through them.


I know it may sound so simple but it really is that easy stop over complicating it, we leave our body every night just now we are consciously choosing to do it.

This is for those who just can’t seem to leave their body no matter what trust me with this i guarantee you success.


Conner Kendall.


Haha hell yes. Asked the Gods to make known a clear and concise method for me to learn to soul travel and boom

Thanks for dropping the knowledge man :love_you_gesture:


Your welcome brother glad i could help.


My boy stay dropping the quality content :metal::metal::metal:


Everything in the first post looks great. Hey, I cam across this video. It seems pretty legit. It is from a guy that is associated with Eckencar (sp?). What do you think?


Thanks man! I always thought “am I doing it right? I still am not fully out of my body… what do I do wrong etc”
That really confused me and it kept bugging me a long time! :sweat_smile:

But it is still pretty easy for me, like snapping with your finger. Has anyone the same experiences?


How many months/years it took for you to be able to, as E. A puts it, ‘jump’ a. k. a having completely clear perception while being out of body.

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It honestly doesn’t take as long as you would think. As with anything it depends on how often you practice and how much dedication you put into it.

For some people it’s also a natural instinct, some people remember their soul travels as clear as they remember their dreams both lucid and non lucid so both factors play a role


I know there is a breathing technique which can give one ability of astral travel within six months. But I think it won’t go beyond the astral realm.

E. A’s soul travel course is quite a thing with 24-27 realms. Believe me many spiritual Giants can’t go beyond the casual, or even know that there is something beyond the casual realm.

Ahhhh, who says money can’t buy happiness, not only happiness, it can also buy divinity/godhood.

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Sit down, back straight and relax visualize in the air particles of bright light, this is omnipotence as omnipotence exists everywhere, within and without think about these particles they make up all physical and spiritual existence.

i actually see these particles without meditation or anything from time to time and when I concentrate I can usually see them easily as well. When it first started happening

I thought I was seeing shit but after a While I realized I wasn’t it kind of made me think of how “this is all an illusion” or something like that. To me These particles are almost microscopic but barely visible bright white particles that swirl around each other. Kinda weird to explain.

Does anyone else see this ever or am I the only one?
I feel like I’m tuned into something here. I haven’t heard of anyone ever talk about it but this description is exactly that.


This might be a technicality and I might be splitting hairs, but there’s a part of me that seriously doubt that you ever actually leave your body in any way or form. What I mean by that is I don’t think you naturally create a spirit double of yourself that goes anywhere. It seems to me that the best description is that you don’t leave your body, but that when you Soul travel your mind recreates that world. In other words it’s not a journey outside of yourself, it’s a journey within yourself. Meaning that you already have all the answers as you’re tied into this universe and the only thing that you’re doing is accessing them. So yes, I might Soul travel in the sense that my mind creates the illusion of going there, but I think what’s going on is I simply pull from the universe to recreate that construct in my mind and then I simply act on it accordingly. That being said, when I act on it in my mind, it becomes manifest in the real world. Anyway that’s my take and I may change my mind on things later on but to me that just seems like the best description. I find that when I try to act this way that Soul travel is effortless. But when I try to go to these exercises and force myself to do it, it seems extremely unnatural.


i like your take on it not tgat i fully agree nor disagree. are you successful in AP and soul travel in general? just curious what method works well for you if you are.

I myself fins it very tiring trying to do a rope pull method for AP when laying down. it becomes mentally exhausting. that’s just my experience I seem to get worse the more I try. I was successfully early on and now i just keep passing out.

How successful am I? I am not really sure. If what I believe is correct, then I have been doing soul travel and AP for a long time before knowing what it was…chalking it up to “mere intuition” before I hear the terms AP and soul travel and acting as if its some new skill that I need to learn.

@MagickMike Actually you aren’t actually creating a body, your externalising your inner body by creating a astral double in this low vibrational world.

If this isn’t real projection then physical Evocation via structuring the body of a spirit in a manifestation isn’t real either this would mean some of the greatest occultists are wrong and you are the only person with all the answers.

Remember we are projecting consciousness out of the physical body and depending on what plane we use certain bodies as vehicles.

If you are travelling to the aethyric plane, you use your aethyric body, if you travel to the astral plane you use your astral body etc.

Just like Evocation the spirits doesn’t manifest with arms and legs like us, we look that way because that’s how our biology evolved due to our environment. We instead structuring their body, which they use to appear physical to us, this is how we inferface with things from other realities.

So if I am wrong and others like Ea Koetting are wrong then, what have I been doing for the past ten years. Remember it is our consciousness leaving, we aren’t just building the body before us, but we are projecting it into a matrix which is structured in a form of which we can better interact with.

So I believe that if my method is incorrect then all the greatest authors and occultists on BALG are wrong too.


To quote Ea

“Where the mind goes, the rest of you will follow”.


I guess I’m supposed to read your comments and take everything seriously that you have to say but after you put the sarcasm in there accusing me of being somebody who would perceive myself as being the one who has all the answers I just pretty much to shut the damn thread down. I don’t know who you are or who you think that you are but if you’re this much of a smart-ass in your comments are certainly not worth recognizing.

Do I need to do the exercises each time I desire to soul travel?

No brother these are a one and done type of exercises

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I had an astrology reading done and my abilities to connect to the paranormal world are blocked because of childhood traumas / issues / abusive parents / intimacy issues / emotional traumas / emotional wounds… relationship are tough, it’s hard to connect to women in real life and that’s why I reached out to the occult and my succubus companions. But the irony is that I need to fix my issues first i’ve been told…

In order to progress spiritually and psychically I have to get my issues fixed, otherwise it will be very hard to connect with my spirit companions / guides

What should I do ? Is it possible for me to connect? I am determined to connect I practice daily the void meditation and psychic exercises, I want to break the chains that are holding me back in this low vibrational physical plane.

Thank you for clarifying, brother.

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