How to shield my magickal working space/selectively banish?

Hello all. I’m currently doing workings in my temple area, which used to be a spacious closet connected by a door to my bedroom, which I share with my significant other. I’ve chosen not to banish after my workings, as I don’t seem to mind the feel of the energy and even like the sense of power that it radiates. Unfortunately, though, my significant other is extremely affected by it, to the point where she’s being woken up during the night by rushes of negative energy, a sense of thickness/heaviness in the air, etcetera. I’ve tried sprinkling consecrated salt water on our bed and around our room, leaving my temple door shut, which seemed to work to diminish the intensity of the energy leakage but it invariably starts seeping out again just as strong. Smudging our bedroom with sage produced an intense energetic reaction that really alarmed her, so at this point I’m not sure how to proceed.

I saw in another thread a poster who mentioned in passing the existence of a way to selectively shield one’s working area so that no energy can escape, but they didn’t provide any details. Could someone elucidate this process for me, or another way to solve this problem? Would the Sumerian exorcism EA gives in Evoking Eternity work only for our bedroom if I close the connecting door and not banish the energies in the other room?


I am having a similar issue but not to your extent. My whole home is shielded and I only evoke one entity who I would never banish.
Can other entities get in to the space?

To shield you magick area or create a sort of wall just visualise it, give it instruction and energy for a few minutes and you are done. Just be sure to check on it regularly.


I’m fairly new to practical magick/energy work so this is the part that I’d like details on. So while I’m (inside/outside?) my temple room with the door (open/closed?), I visualize a (mirrored sphere/circle of white light/impenetrable darkness?) surrounding the room? Which type or visualization would be best to keep all energies from leaking out yet at the same time let me continue to work with them while inside the shield? How specifically should I give this visualization energy?

Not sure what you mean here. I haven’t noticed any different energies or entities other than the current that I’m working with. I haven’t cast any kind of other banishing ritual or shield over my residence or any room.

I suggest a guard servitor. He will keep the energies from seeping into the other room. Also a guard servitor would stop any wandering spirits that are bound to come due to the high amounts of spiritual energy. Terminus is an underused and excellent entity to work with. He can make boundaries and enforce them. "In Roman religion, Terminus was the god who protected boundary markers; his name was the Latin word for such a marker. Sacrifices were performed to sanctify each boundary stone, and landowners celebrated a festival called the “Terminalia” in Terminus’ honor each year on February 23. The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Capitoline Hill was thought to have been built over a shrine to Terminus, and he was occasionally identified as an aspect of Jupiter under the name “Jupiter Terminalis”."

I highly suggest offering him something and then telling him your desire.


You also have the Terminus’s “Glutamus Maximus”. =)

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I’m dead inside :^)

Tell all you need to clean the area. Those who are intended will easily step aside and clean the room ad come back in with an invitation.

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I believe “until other people are affected by it” was one of the times when E.A. mentioned he WOULD banish and do the usually cleansing etc?

I can’t recall where/when but I am certain that clause, so to speak, came up somewhere.

You don’t “need” to NOT banish, any more than you need TO do it as a matter of course, all things are subject to your will, and if people or other beings you love are bothered by this, then just banish, the entities you summon will understand and not be bothered by this.


I think a wall would be more simple than a servitor, but then again I have only just made one servitor.
They are similar in the sense that you program them.
I will just give instructions on the wall, if that is what you choose. Any of the options given already will do the trick. It is up to you to decide what will work best for you.

I like to perform magick with my eyes closed, others do not. Up to you to alter this to suit you.
Choose something to take energy from. If you have raised energy then use your own. You could use the sun or a rock or the earth below you, anything really. Take the energy in with your left hand (if you aren’t using your own) and hold your right hand out towards where you want your wall. You can stand on either side of it, doesnt matter.

Send the energy out and visualize what you want it to look like and do. Do you want it to be a solid brick wall, impenetrable? Or maybe a transparent bubble that only you can pop in and out of?
Whatever it looks like and its exact function is up to you. Just build it/program it/strengthen it for a few minutes and you are all set!
Be sure to check on it every time you pass through, or perhaps before bed. Thinking of it/visualising it keeps it going.


That sounds like an interesting idea. A cursory search did not reveal any kind of sigil for him, though… What then would be the best way for contact? Simply chanting his name over and over along with an offering?

Thanks, that was quite helpful. :smiley:


Yep instead of a sigil use an image of him. Also read into how he was celebrated and what offerings the people of his time gave him


I believe it was his LBRP instructional video:


I could be wrong but it seems to me that you are leaving a gateway open. This accounts for the fluctuation in energies and what you may have described as different darker or heavier energies coming through at night. At the end of the ritual close the gateways!

You can also ask the entity you work with to please not overwhelm your partner with his energies. You can put a shield of protection around your partner to block him/her from the energies. You can put a circle around your bedroom to not allow anyone other than specific entities in, such as the one you work with currently. You can put lavender and other botanicals as well as stones and crystals in your area (this space is the space for you and your significant other and not the entities you do ritual with. Set boundaries!!) to create calm energies and your “special couple’s space” there. Think lover’s retreat sanctuary space.

Or if they do not listen to boundaries , which I see no reason why they shouldn’t because they usually do for me if ask, then place things in the room that they do not particularly like to dissuade them from coming in. But that may backfire on you so… proceed with caution. Maybe if you talk to him and give him offerings for this favor, they will be more likely to cooperate. If you try this and nothing works then you may need to relocate your area to work with them. Or your partner is going to have to get over it. You deal with a dog catcher you are going to have to deal with fleas and dog things. Right? You deal with a witch and you are going to have to deal with demons. Sorry to sound so blunt.


Here is the K.I.S.S. methodical approach I came up with after giving it some thought. Why leave room for error? Just dismiss/banish all energy in your temple and reconsecrate it. Then call on the energies/entities you want to have there. You brought them there once, you can do it again. Honestly I would clear the whole building. Plus it gives you a great excuse to do more magick.