How to see evoked spirits

I have been having a hard time with this, obviously you need to be in a theta gamma etc But i still do not see any entities. When people say they see these spirits and they manifested as a camel frog toad, clown etc are they seeing it in there own imagination or can you PHYSICALLY see this.

This is a hard concept sometimes to grasp. It’s is a combination of seeing the entity in your mind’s eye and projecting it outward into the smoke, mirror, Crystal ball etc. But that’s also the beauty of it. You need to see them manifest in your mind to make them appear in reality. What I do that seems to help is to look at the smoke and a lot of times I’ll see an energy outline or an orb then I’ll concentrate on that. Most of the time it results in seeing the entity. It just depends how entrances you are and how good your visualization skills are.

You can eventually see things as ‘physically present’ it if you work on the skill long enough. This requires that you can see in your minds eye first though, and could be considered a self induced hallucination, or a true spiritual/mental vision depending on ones interpreting belief’s.

You will likely get verifiable results long before before you get to this level of visualization clarity. It’s not necessary unless you want to develop it.

You can practice visualization as a skill in itself if it’s something you feel if blocking you. Using flashing color after images is a way to kick-start visualization and get a sense of what visualization is like:

If you’re having trouble seeing spirits then the chances are your third eye isn’t fully functional. You should work through the exercised on the joy if Satan. I, and many other users, have really benefited from the site.

i went to a hypnotist on the weekend to prove to myself that seeing spirits is not that hard to do. and i proved it.

i asked him to put me into deep trance and induce a visual hallucination. he told me that’s basic hypnosis and anyone trained in hypnosis can do that in their sleep.

he gave me an elman induction, took my trance down through three deepeners, and with my eyes still closed he told me that when i look into my lap i will see a cat. i did that with my eyes closed and saw it instantly. then he told me to open my eyes and look at it and i still saw it. it was translucent. imagine looking at a cat-shaped jug of water, or made out of glass. but i saw it clearly, and it was moving. it even lifted its paw at me and licked its chops.

the whole thing took us 4 minutes to do.

don’t work so hard at doing magick. all of this nonsense you hear about needing to open your chakras or your 3rd eye. that’s longwinded bullshit. i have NEVER done any of that stuff and i saw the hallucination in front of me in under 5 minutes. all of these other ‘magickal exercises’ others will tell you to do are a WASTE OF YOUR TIME! do this thing properly so you can get on with what you need to do magickally.

it doesn’t take 6 months of ‘visualization’ or chakra cleansing or whatever to see spirits or any hallucinatory object. i did it in 4 minutes. i also induced a glove anesthesia to 2 clicks on a clipper, which should have broken skin and drew blood. i felt nothing. again done in under 7 minutes.

don’t go about learning magick wrong. there are quicker ways to learn to do this thing.

proper hypnotic pretalk, a solid hypnotic induction (the elman induction is simple and you can teach it to yourself in about 10 minutes), going through multiple deepeners to bring your mind’s brainwaves down to a slow (which is the most important training aspect to learn), and then listening to the right hypnotic commands at a relaxed trance level will get you the hallucination you need. without any effort on your part, and with very little previous training needed. if you have a hypnotist guide you, you can get there with no training at all.

find a local hypnotic student who is into magick and have them take you into medium or deep trance. from there they can explain what the spirit looks like by reading the description right out of any grammar. when they add detail to the explanation, you will see it clearly. when they tell you open your eyes, you will see it clearly, but it will be at a low opacity. continue to breathe and relax as you conjure it and you will see it move, and possibly hear it as well if you induce audient hallucination.

don’t make magick harder than it has to be. magicians love to take simple things and make them complicated. you don’t have to struggle to do this work. don’t get stuck on basics! learn how to do your trancework properly and get on with your spiritual experience.

good luck

it takes proper induction, going through multiple deepeners to bring your mind's brainwaves down to a slow, relaxed trance level, and then proper hypnotic commands.

So where can you learn those specific techniques?

if you want something simple to get started, read the elman induction with a flat, almost monotone voice and even rhythmic pace. don’t rush. the deep breathing is important, and so is keeping your eyes and hands still. spoiler: you can go into hypnotic state just by reading a hypnotic script, the key is to read it slowly and evenly over and over again until you are relaxed.

do the same by reading a minimum of five hypnotic deepeners back to back. if you don’t know where to find deepeners, just look for hypnotic inductions of any and all kind online, there are PLENTY of them out there.

then use a recording of the betty erickson induction to induce your hallucination with your eyes closed. command yourself to see the spirit when you open your eyes and work on opening your eyes.

the key to having the betty erickson induction work for you is to be relaxed. the erickson induction works on all of your modalities, so if you aren’t able to visualize, it has you submodalize sound as well as feeling. what nobody ever seems to explain on magickal boards is that some people can’t visualize. some people hear spirits when they come. others feel them through temperature shifts. i have evoked for YEARS by feeling temperature changes, wind pressure, or hearing sounds around me without ever seeing a spirit. there are different modalities to let you know when the spirit is there. trust the impressions that you get in whatever way you get them, they are subtle but when you evoke often you will begin to recognize them when they happen, and they will happen a lot.

with the betty erickson induction, it doesn’t matter what your modality is, you will get some type of input if you pay attention.

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Thanks for the links. Can you give me an example of a hypnotic deepener so I can recognize one when I see it?

all deepeners work the same. a deepener is where you take your focus in any direction. the simplest deepener is ‘going down, all the way down.’ but you can go up, forward, backward, or in ANY direction. you can imagine yourself shrinking or growing like a balloon. when i did my first hypnotic session, i didn’t like the deepener i was being given so i made my own up while i was being put into trance and imagined that i was melting right through the couch like cheese in a toaster. IT WORKED. i tranced right out and got amnesia on the hypnotic trancwork (meaning, when i emerged i didn’t remember what the hypnotist said to me). amnesia levels of trance are what most magicians really mean when they say ‘forget’ your ritual. if you are in trance and the trance is deep, you WILL forget what happened.

Thanks. I appreciate the info.