How to reverse or stop entropy curse

I’ve temporarily stopped it before, but it comes back. I knew something was wrong but not what it was. I never knew someone could do this then a few years ago I had a reading that confirmed that I had been cursed. An entropy curse is exactly what I am going through. It literally ruins (if not altogether blocks) everything good that I am meant to have.

Before I dealt with it, fought it the best I could and it appeared to only affect my finances. Now it’s affecting the most important part of my life. I got back together with the man I long should have been married to and everything was fine then the curse did what it always does and things are messed up (I didn’t know it was the curse before). I became pregnant easily (not a small feat considering I’m in my mid 40s), but then miscarried a few weeks later. It’s still killing all but finished money deals at the last minute. There are times they get through, but I am always surprised when they do.

I am considering doing a reversal spell so it goes back on whoever did it. That is the only thing I have yet to try. I do egg cleansings, spiritual baths, etc. Nothing has gotten rid of it for good. As an empath, I can literally feel when it’s about to hit and ruins what I have going. But I am helpless to stop it.

And no, I didn’t do anything to deserve this even though I know that doesn’t matter. One person’s family I know does witchcraft.


When you enter in a magickal war, you have to put all your weapons, skills, intelligence and strategy on the line.

People think that only baths, cleansings or even evocations should do, but the fact is that in a war the weapon itself can’t win. You have to put all on it.

For example, a reversing spell, or an evocation should be accompanied by mental working, astral working and etc.

So you already know what the curse is, give a look on the forum and make your plans to win this war. And go for it.


Thank you so much for your response and confidence. I did do something before that was supposed to handle it, but clearly it did not work permanently. I did not try a reversal so I’m hoping that once I do that will be the end of it. I’ve also learned to put up more protection which I credit with my life not being a complete disaster. But clearly I need to do more to get rid of it altogether so my life will be the way it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes war is in our minds…

You need to know if the curse is still “on course” (no pun intended, because it’s a horrible one). Do another divination with someone who knows what is doing. Sometimes our minds play us some tricks and that pushes us back.

After this last divination, you’ll know what you have to do. Then look on the forum using the search function for spells, works and etc to plan yourself for another battle.

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I’m definitely not imagining being cursed. I didn’t even think of that at first. I just knew that things were going wrong without any explanation for a long period of time. I’ve ignored my gifts for even longer and finally gave in to figuring out how to use them instead of being afraid of them. That’s when I received the confirmation that someone had indeed cursed me. I did an uncrossing and felt better but like I said it did not work permanently.

I just did a quick divination. I finally found something that works well with me when it comes to that. I found a necklace I bought a long time ago, cleansed it and started using it. Tarot cards absolutely hate me (when I do them at least). It said that once I do the reversal spell that it will be the end of the curse. I don’t know why the reversal spell has been something I’ve been afraid to do. Perhaps the spell itself didn’t want me to do the one thing that would kill it.

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This sounds like a series of destruction hexes over a long period of time. I would perform a strong shielding casting and call upon your patron deity to shield and call upon your opponent’s spirit to recind all hexes, curses, and bindings or you will petetion your deity for harm to your opponent.

With the return to sender there is a chance of a backfire as they may have more powers and strengths, and there own shields and your casting for retribution may come back at you or be ignored.

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A kind of odd thing just happened. The first person I think it might have been I couldn’t find online whenever I looked for her. However something made me Google her again and I was able to find her. I think it’s because I did an egg limpia, smudged myself and followed up with palo santo). I am presently putting her in the freezer as well as burning the reversal candle.

The second person I’m going to do the same thing with. It happened a long time ago and I’m rather sure that neither one of them is thinking about me. If it’s the first one it was something she did in a rash manner because she was upset that I ended our friendship. I was justified in ending it and it was all her fault. I’m not going to get into it because it is a public forum, but I did not deserve her to do this over having to protect myself due to her behavior. If it’s the second person’s family, I am rather sure that he doesn’t have any more pictures of me to do or my name to do anything with. Once I learned that I had been cursed, I kept pictures of myself from being posted online. I’ve also decided that I’m going to do a legal name change. It’s not only because of this, but this has tipped my decision in favor of it. After I am done with the reversal spell, I’m going to concentrate on protecting myself so it doesn’t come back. I am also doing a cleansing bath tonight.

The second one was not justified in what he did either because he betrayed me and like the first I had to defend myself. I am sure he felt he was justified in it but his family cursed him as well, so he should have known had he told them to do something to me that they would.

Either way, I’m glad that both of them are out of my life because I don’t need friends who would do something like this to me especially because I was defending myself from their bad behavior.

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The former friends that you mentioned do you know if they practice witchcraft? Did they threaten you with a hex? I know that the people, the former friends have a strong motive. Whoever is the instigator has some powerful skills if they could cause a miscarriage.

Are there other signs of a hex, have you heard voices or have things disappeared mysteriously?

I would definately focus on protection first and than retribution but only if you can positively identify the person who cast it. I would do some divination and try to make sure that you know who the correct person who cast agsinst you.

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The first person I don’t believe they practiced it on a regular basis. I think she might have just jumped on the internet, found something and did it. Just because she’s not experienced doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have found something powerful to do to me.

The second person I know for sure that his family does witchcraft. No, he didn’t threaten me, but I strongly believe that he went to his family after I stopped being friends with him and they did something.

I don’t believe they wanted to cause a miscarriage. An entropy curse basically stops anything good from happening. Until relatively recently, all I cared about was money. Now that I am in love and I got pregnant, entropy curse is affecting that. I hope it makes sense.

There’s no other signs of a hex. The entropy curse just literally affects anything good in your life no matter what it might be. The only reason I think it might be the first person is because she helped me do my hair back when we were friends. However that means that she kept the hair and planned on using it if things ever went bad between us. I’ve been very good about keeping my hair, nails and feminine products away from any and everyone since I’ve gotten into hoodoo. I have absolutely zero personal pictures on social media or anywhere else. I highly doubt either of them have pictures of me from the past.

Protection is not going to end the curse which is literally killing my life right now. Not only has it affected me, it’s affecting my son and my love. I did the reversal curse towards “my enemy” so it will only hit who did it.

The freezer spells are just backup like another poster suggested to me. I believe if they are constantly throwing things at me then the freezer spell should stop them from doing that. Either way, I’m covered.

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Blue ball wash of the house and yourself will. Or any heavy duty clensing. I did a lemon and then sat it in salt to absorb the negativity for a week before tossing it. I have taken a step back at the tossing back and asked my demons to kindly discard of the this imbicile. My time now is spent on clensing, respecting my demons and enjoying myself. That truly is the best revenge.

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I did a general reversal which worked. I did a seperate love reversal as well. I’m going to do a money reversal too. I finally received proof of who did it yesterday. That bitch. Jealous of me and my relationship. With all she did to me she’s still unhappy and alone.

I presently live with someone who is incredibly negative (looking for a place) so I’ll do the lemon and salt to combat their bullshit. I’ve ordered some items for protection so she can’t put it back on me.

I feel like a new person. All this latent anger I had is gone. I’m actually happy.

I am going to set my protection in place and just concentrate on making money so I can move out. It’s absolutely ridiculous that she would do something like that including causing me to lose a baby. She was such a miserable person and I was a very good friend to her despite it. I did not deserve any of this. As I said before she’s still unhappy and alone, so doing all of this did not improve her life. Only wreck mine. What’s sad is that I have a child that she impacted negatively by doing this to me.

By the way, the spell basically took everything that I wanted and made it turn from me. Regardless if it was money, a house, a baby, love… She is not especially powerful in any way. If she was she would have improved her life in the time that she was ruining mine along with other things.

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Do you just toss the lemon and salt anywhere? That stuff really does amazing things!

I took it with me and ended up tossing it in a trash can before i walked into a building. Like an old fast food bag.