How to remove vacant spirits without messing up my pacts?

Greetings E.A. - blessings

(I’ll aim to keep it as concise as possible)

Vacant spirits mess up my pathworking with Lucifer,

*pushing their own agenda -

*creating their own realities,

*try to force their own limited ideologies to the often heavy detriment of myself and Gaia, which I otherwise would protect.

*create their own logic perception for 99 percent separate from all my other thinking processes - 1 percent, being the thought(s) they attached themselves to. (regardless of whether they are malevolent or benevolent) causing schism and the loss of lifeforce and a high percentage of consciousness.


How can I remove them, without messing up my Luciferian pacts
(as I feared general exorcism would do)

and send them and similar spirits
*to a place where they would not work to the detriment of humanity, *preferably where they can learn about the fundaments of respect for life
*recover from the schism,
*make sure that such beings don’t ever come near me again

*Can I work with Angels/Archangels for that without ‘disturbing’ the demons

*Is mandatory or optional, when not having fully worked with Angels to the highest degree before.

Thank you,

Xavier Leroi

P.S. Would you be willing to make a video about it?

Be well, and tremdeous thanks for your input- I must catch up, on gnosis, as you read above- yet you do inspire me to reach out to extremes, and it sets me free as I realize that I can ‘just do it’ and still stand.

You rock, E.A.! :slight_smile: