How to relax around King Paimon

So I’ve worked with King Paimon before, and it seems like every time I create a petition for him, I end up getting massive anxiety. I feel like everything I’m doing is wrong and that I’m making him upset, even though he assures me otherwise. From what he’s told me, I’m simply not very accustomed to his energy (if that makes sense) and that’s what causing me to panic a lot around him.

How can I learn to relax around King Paimon and not have so much anxiety around him?


Do some energy work and perhaps some meditation.


Sound more like your brain’s old mental programming is giving you resistance as it cannot do much against ritual done right. I’d say continue working with him if your getting good results regardless of how you feel.

If you aiming for permanent positive practical changes that is going to be uncomfortable and feel unnatural in the beginning simply cause you have to go outside your comfort zone to do create that change.

I’ve had times when i am doing specific rituals meant to have positive effects i sound cynical and toxic throughout half of it. But i know it is the part of my brain used to being in a more limited mindset.


Practice grounding and conquering of hell/muladhara/rabbit hole. It takes practice and re-living own drama from childhood until now.


Praise him.Worship him,and no worship does not make you a slave but it will help you get accustomed to energy of spirit you are praising and worshiping.Praise and worship King Paimon that will help.VK Jehannum has a lot of good chants for King Paimon on his website,Salve Paimon is the first one that comes to my mind so google Paimon chants VK Jehannum and praise Paimon


If it’s a simple matter of fear then i would suggest repeated exposure. The more you work with him and the more you experience that nothing bad actually happens, the more I think you will relax.


I must agree…repeated desensitization.


These are all fantastic answers. Thank you so much!

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FOCUS on the work, the communication, your objectives…all to take your mind off creating your anxiety. No matter what state of mind you’re in you have to be able to perform.


Summoning Demons or other spirits, especially if they are very powerful, can cause anxiety, high levels of energy, insomnia, etc. as well as feeling good and uplifted. It differs for everyone.
They have a lot of more power, and this can affect us, causing the above symptoms. The more powerful you are, the less symptoms you may have. Mantra vibrating, kundalini yoga, martial arts, power meditations will empower your soul, if it’s done regularly.


This was written a few years ago and I’m much more comfortable around King Paimon now, but thank you!


On the subject of King Paimon , does anyone else get told not worry about offerings about half the time ?

I’ve asked this dude for things with just like a telepathy almost and gotten strong results the next day and a lot of the time when I ask what he’d like he tells me “ don’t worry about it my child”

I find it odd that he’s the only demon who does this with me and is a very high ranking king at that

He’s Pretty humble ime. A very respectable trait.


I don’t have that exactly, but he asked me for very good wine once. This was for the first ritual i had.

Now he doesn’t care about any offerings really. However I always have offerings.

He is also probably the only Spirit that has not shown any interest in a blood offering.

He doesn’t speak like that with me, however he has a super duper benevolent side. He will pop in my other Evocations and just stand and watch over. He will reassure me of things being done etc etc. Which I have not experienced with any other Spirit.

It is imperative to mention that I’m Pacted with him as a Patron.

That i agree with, BUT he loves his luxuries. The first time he showed me himself in a trance he was dressed very flamboyantly but he spoke very humbly, you could tell he was extremely powerful but he had an aura of Restrained Power. By that I mean he didn’t feel the need to display this power, he was exuding power.

I have an extremely high level of respect for him. It’s no surprise so many practitioners look forward to working with him.


I offered him blood one time with a lancet but that was because I already had such good results with him for awhile. I did that to strengthen the link between us.

After awhile it started feeling like a old friend/mentors energy if I’d call him forth.

It’s funny because when I first started I really didn’t know much about him and he wasn’t one that was on my mind or that I’d spend hours searching about.

I spent a lot of late nights in deep meditation in some public park holding a pendulum above flash cards with a spirits seal and name trying to see if there was a spirit I was already connected with in a sense. Kinda like a patron or guardian I guess. I had always felt a strong pull to demonology and the occult.

I did that for several weeks then just stopped trying to communicate with spirits for awhile until every single time I searched anything goetia he kept popping up.

Then I heard of hereditary out of nowhere , I honestly took that as a sign because I had no idea about it’s big release and didn’t realize until I actually started watching it that it was about him.

A mainstream movie about a goetic demon ? Someone in Hollywood’s grand offering I suppose. That’s mass exposure.

I honestly can’t say with 100% certainty but sometimes the spirits make themselves known to you.


Yes same here, i still always offer blood when i evoke him.

That is EXACTLY what it feels like.

I second you on this. Many of them do, especially the more and more you work with the Goetics the better this is.

Happy to hear your experiences.

Ya I get that from him too. Funny you say he calls you “my child”. He says the same thing to me. Many of them call me that or something else that I can’t quite hear but understand to be an affectionate word. King Paimon is super chill. Love working with that guy. He gives excellent advice.

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These entities are very impressive, so don’t worry, your reaction is normal.
It happened to me with Lilith, advancing with the study of the Qlipha tree. I still think it is complex to communicate with her, she is a very powerful deity. It was very intense, and afterwards I received symbolic and very meaningful dreams.

Try to communicate with him always from respect and ask him the questions you need. He will listen to you.

Oh, this topic was made a few years ago, but I’m fine with King Paimon now.

Thank you, though. :slight_smile:

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@DarkestKnight Can we close this please? I’ve gotten over this issue and don’t need more answers.