How to recognize If it's TGS or just some weird tricky brain stuff

I don’t know what it is everything disappears or I see everything illuminating I’m focusing on a black dot on my wall under this place where wall and ceiling meets I’m just waiting and this happens It’s really hard with your eyes open.

Use :mag: and see if you can find out this information for yourself. Many questions have been asked before.

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Don’t get lost in the terminology. TGS is just EA’s term for what others call “gnosis” or “magical consciousness.” TGS is weird tricky brain stuff.

These brain states are very subtle and it takes practice to recognize them. The theta state is different for everyone and the harder you try to get there, the less likely you will. As an example, I do not get the “static rain” that EA talks about when I’m in theta, but it does not make my magick any less effective.

The best way to get there, in my opinion, is to open sigils and ask the spirits for stuff. If you receive it, then you know you got there.


I have one question
Did you made a contact with a spirot or did you opened sigil said what you had to say and done.
Or did you feel its presence or something like that?

Im asking because it’s interesting

It completely depends on what my goal is. I have done Q & As with spirits where I open their sigils and ask questions, writing down the answers. And I have opened sigils as EA explains in his article:

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Thank you I decided that I will from now try to enter TGS with this method.

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You’re welcome. Good luck :slight_smile:

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