How to: Realisation spell

This is quite an easy spell to perform, that I have had success with. The spell makes a person realise and feel the hurt they caused you. This is not an original spell by myself, I saw it somewhere but can’t remember. But since it worked for me, I wanted to share the process.

You will need:

  • 1 candle of choice. (For me, I used pink as it represented friendship).
  • Piece of paper
  • Intent & emotion

Step 1. Best done in evening, though I did mine in the afternoon around 3 PM. Light the candle of choice and think about this for a moment. FEEL the hurt, feel the pain this person has inflicted onto you. Keep feeling it. Think of how much you WANT this person to feel what you do, how much you want them to realise what they did.

Step 2: Write the persons name down on the piece of paper (First name, surname). Followed by what they did.

For example: John Burger-Smith. Pretended to be a friend, took advantage of my generosity.

Step 3: Light the paper from the candle and leave it to burn in an altar caldron, or a dish that can take heat. (Ovenproof, safe for microwave).

Stay in the room while it’s burning and keep some water handy. With any spell that requires burning, it’s best to practice fire safety.

Step 4: When the paper has burned to ashes, gather them in your right hand and say the following with all the emotion and intent you built up:

“Wolf and horse, old signs of might.
Lend your strength to me this night.
The pain and grief they so easily give,
Must be returned so they may live.
To know and feel what they have done,
And change their ways with harm to none.
Send back the pain, teach them this night,
And help them to do what they know is right.”

With ashes still in your hand, clenched shut, go outside and throw them to the wind, knowing that this person will realise what they have done.

After this, go about your days as normal. Forget about the spell and forget about your target. Play some games or do chores, heck put a box set on to watch. Anything that will help you to forget about them.

Just keep positive, don’t doubt whether this will work or not and try not to lust for results.

Peace. :sparkling_heart:


My testimonial: So I’ll go into detail with how exactly this worked for me. I was feeling betrayed due to her dumping me as a “best friend” at the drop of a hat for those she claimed were “toxic bullies”. She only spoke to me if she had nothing else to do, or none of her friends were online. She had been slowly dropping me for weeks prior.

I did this spell as instructed while feeling all the hurt, betrayal and while wishing for her to feel the same.

I followed the no contact rule. I didn’t message her back, no matter how much I wanted to, I occupied my mind. I did this for a week after casting the spell. I kept telling myself that the spell will work and I’ll know when.

This morning I woke up, and I had a gut feeling that the spell had worked. I did a tarot reading and it confirmed she was having feelings of: Betrayal, hurt, and emotional pain. Followed by a change of tune during text. What was once sort of stuck up type texting turned into friendly once again.

Keep in mind this may not bring a person back to you, if only briefly. For me, I don’t want my best friend back. I only wanted her to feel what I did.

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