How to read the Tarot

So I figured I might go ahead and make a tutorial. I’ve grown pretty confident in my divination abilities and I figured I could share some of the knowledge I’ve gained ever since practicing this common but misinformation plagued magickal art.

Reading Tarot is easy. If my ADHD raddled brain can do it then quite frankly anybody with a brain can be capable of divining the future and or such.

Reading the tarot is first and foremost an intuitive art. The cards are meaningless in themselves. They are just cardboard. When you read the Tarot you interpret when it means to you and this is how you do it when your reading for yourself or others. It works like this every time.

How do you do it? Well, first things first, memorize the meaning of the cards, by doing this you’ll essentially be in perfect harmony as you won’t be constantly looking for meaning by checking your book and or the internet for the meaning… This sounds a little contradictory but let me put it like this.

You’re not gonna trust yourself starting out. If you look in your deck’s booklet for the meaning and memorizing it then you’ll be a lot more at ease as you start reading. Then you’ll notice something. That cards…they speak to you. Well, it’s not the cards…in reality, you are speaking to you.

Tarot is just the beginning.


Mission failed. We’ll get him next time

Now seriously… any tips on how to memorize the meaning of the cards? That’s exactly the hard part for me. Once i checked the meaning, interpreting it is usually easy for me.

E.A gives a pretty good exercise which is what I used. Your deck will be organized in order with your booklet. You use 'em like flashcards essentially and drill your memory. It sounds like a lot of work but it shouldn’t take more than four hours.