How to read a candle flame

Hi All,

I have attempted to invoking Duke Sallos and King Pimon. Leaving aside if i was successful or not. I set out to build a relationship with Sallos. So i tried evoking him a bunch of times. Unfortunately i dont know how to build a relationship (i mean have a conversation). When i ask questions or talk, the flame of my candle behaves in different ways but i dont understand what it means. help please

  1. The flame flickers a lot like someone is running a finger through it
  2. A long flame, it burns and goes tall.
  3. Half flame - it builds well at the bottom but done not close, feels like there is an obstacle in between and it only burns half way.

Can youll please help me with your expertise. I am new and i need to learn. If there is any way i can learn please help me of it and i will check.