How to put a clairvoyant protective barrier around myself?

By that I mean a protective barrier that protects against substances of any kind

Before going out, visualize an egg shaped orb around you. Colour doesn’t matter, whatever comes to you naturally. For some it’s golden, it can be also dark if that’s what suits you.
Mine is like blue glass.
It surrounds your whole body like a shield and no harmful energy and influences can enter it. Say that out loud.

Visualize bad energy (if there is some already) leaving your body and the orb, and it can not re-enter.

While you’re outside and exposed to these influences remind yourself from time to time of this orb around you, so it will get stronger and impenetrable.


Thank you. Do I have to do it every time I go out?

Yes I would do that.

What kind of people are we talking about here?

Do you still go to see these doctors? If not, they can’t harm you anymore.

And if yes, how about go see another doctor? It’s always good to hear a second opinion on your problem.

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You don’t have to go further into it.
It was just an advice.

If medication is something you are worried about own oils also add in different cleansing and ritual type baths as well. Almost with good, safe detoxes. I do a different type of herbal bath each weed to cleanse and address anything wrong with me.

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I’m no doctor and I know you don’t like them, but reading what you just wrote I’d feel bad if I didn’t say it: Did you get checked for diabetes? :grimacing:

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Are your electrolytes ok? You meals well balanced? Blood sugar etc? Something is off physically even if they aren’t finding it yet.

Then only time I was like that was when I was pregnant. I passed out in a store and I had so many hospital visits for fluids because I couldn’t keep anything down.

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Yeah my electrolytes are good.

Dark energy is not the counterpart to positive energy, because dark energy is not negative.
You’re mixing these two different things up.

Darkness and light are elements, like water and fire. All elements can be positive and negative.
Darkness can be destroying, but it can also be healing.

Working with dark energy cannot be the reason for you being constantly drained and sick.

You should listen to @Angelb1083 advice and regularly cleanse yourself of negative influence, this will do no harm to any sincere relations to dark entities you may have.


This is 100% true. My personal rituals baths only help me stay balanced and clean mind so that I can work with my patron or any either demon better.

I only once almost saged everyone out of my home (on accident). My spirit dolls, daemons and demons were happy with me and I heard about it for weeks.

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Ok, nevermind dude. I’m gonna remember next time to only answer the original post and not react to your other questions. :+1:

You can pray to protect yourself , but no protection in existence can protect you against everything , use the search function