How to protect yourself/someone else from spirit attack

So I was asked a question today and I wasn’t sure how to answer.

Backstory: they guy who asked me said someone somewhere else he knows was threatening to send a Zooestrian Spirit after them (not going to say who don’t know if the person is on here)

So he asked me how to protect yourself I told him salt water/olive oil would be good to cleanse the negative energy if they did get cursed and he mentioned the person had something they believe would protect them.

I told him it would work if their willpower is stronger then the person sending the spirit.

But that got me wondering is that is right/is there anything else you could do?

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Put the person being attacked in a “mirror suit”.
Send the archangel Michael to the persons side by focusing intent, projecting your will. You will need a sigil for Michael, stare at it, pull pack your gaze and let it blur and move. State your request after calling out Mee-chai-ale.
Find other protective deities and do the same.
Have the target perform as much as they can every waking hour the earth banishing or spirit invoking Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.


There are Qabbalistic (Hebrew) protective spells, that are simply psalms recited with a vibrated (speak from the stomach) God names.

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There is also a few psychic self defenses that can be used. If the target gets proficient with the LRP, he or she can use it to blast away the force or entity. Identify objectify and banish.
Prayers and strong belief can help.
Drawing an earth banishing pentagram over the face while staring in the mirror and vibrating Ah-doh-nai Ael-oh-heem.
Visualizing and projecting a scarlet cross against a black background within a circle should call the “occult police”.


Yes! The LBRP is a must have for your defenses. A lot of black magicians shy from banishings of this type, but at their own loss. Even if you do not “click” with it because of the god names, once you understand what you are doing in the operation you will understand why it works. The vibrations alone work well sometimes.

If you really want to go the extra mile immediately follow up the LBRP with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.