How to properly call and talk to Bune?

Hello I am a beginner and I am trying to communicate with Bune, today I lit up a small yellow candle (i can’t find orange candle) with my offerings wine in a glass with some chocolates and orange fruit. I call upon Duchess Bune and ask her for help and thank her in my mind. I asked her to help me closed a successful deal in selling shirts, I did mention that if I successfully closed a deal I will dedicate an altar for her and will offer more. was that okay? should I do more? can I add timeframe next time I ask her for help?


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

Yes. Add a timeframe. Always add a timeframe, it’s paramount. Don’t offer altars like that, especially to spirits you might not call again or rarely. Instead, a simple offering as payment would do better. Don’t pay so much in advance. You could give a small offering like a glass of water and negotiate a greater offering later but that’s only for spirits you really trust. Give the payment AFTER the task is complete PROPERLY. No half-assed results. You have to treat this as a business really.

Also, try to be very specific when giving requests in the future.

All in all, you were okay. Just keep these things in mind, lest you get swindled or worse. Spirits are not fluff bunnies, especially those found in the Lemegeton. Some of them can be downright ruthless.


I was looking for the same information, but I follow my heart. For me I would always work with Bune. from small to big. I find it extremely pleasing. I love it.

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