How to prevent yourself from becoming too awake

I feel like I know too much and overthink too much, I just want to be happy and live a decent life not analyzing every interaction, how can I be ignorant if I’m awakened and self aware and just live a more carefree Life


Learn even more. Each time I learn something more I feel like I know nothing. The more you learn the less you know.


I feel the same way.


You can’t undo your awakening. No one can.

What I’ve noticed is that any awakening can feel like it’s unnatural or counterintuitive because it disrupts your normal life, at least at a cognitive level. But that needn’t be a bad thing.

Of course you need a balance in terms of how you disclose it to others, if you ever do. If not, it can be a solitary process, but very rewarding nonetheless.

If you have at least one person of absolute confidence to disclose it to, you will be fine. If you don’t, then find that person. :slight_smile:

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I recommend the works of experts like Napoleon Hill, I sent you a link for something and that type of stuff about productive use of thinking ability is great for overthinkers (of which I am, or rather used to be, one).

it also segues nicely into raising your vibration, so that life is generally better all around. :+1:


What helped me is simply accepting what life is like.


To be more clear, I don’t mean you should accept all the bad stuff that is happening to you, but accept the fact that bad stuff can and will happen in this world

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