How to prevent your sexual energy from being trapped?

Just wondering how would one prevent one’s sexual energy from being trapped or stolen, etc?

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Do you mean the energy that comes from the genital chakra or the energy released in general whilst having sex?


Either. Whichever type is usually trapped or stolen. :wink:

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It isnt stolen unless you have a parasite that is attached to you or a vampire that is taking it ritually or pact or spell that is taking it. That is the only ways I know of where it can be stolen. A master can tell if any are applied to you. You can usually tell by withholding orgasm for a couple days. If you then have an orgasm & feel drained, then you may want to seek help. You should be full of energy afterward not drained. This is because the life force (I call it orgone) flows from your life source in a larger quantity to you. This gives life energy macroscopally and microscpoically to all life around you. Sometimes that life is a parasite. I knew a magickian who did lbrp or g.b.r.p. before orgasm everytime. I need to quit ramblin so Ill stop there. Hope this helps.

Ok, so here’s what’s been happening from what I’ve observed.

Firstly, I usually feel drained after orgasm.

Secondly, there’s a servitor-type being that “harvests” life force which I caught red handed one night at bedtime. It thought I was going to sleep, and it miscalculated on this occasion.

Thirdly, when I’m under attack from my enemies, one of the first things they like to do is to stimulate arousal in me, and then meddle with my sexual energy. I think they trap it. They do work together, and so far I’ve observed a Chinese guy and a white woman wearing an orange summer dress.

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I am interested in the servitor being you caught . What did it appear as? It may be one entity appearing as others. There are a few things you can try b4 going to a professional. That is if you feel comfortable to do this yourself. You need 2 perform a ritual or 3 to release a parasite attachment. Many times this occours with a Ouija session. If that is the case, that this began after a board session, you will need to use the board to evoke it, then bind it to the board.
If it is not board related, you could try to do a seperation ritual spell by using string & sissors. Do a middle pillar then lbrp, concencrate the sissors to have the ability of symbolically seperating the karmic string of your attachment. Concencrate the string to symbolize your attachment to all sexual parasite attachments. Then cut the string while stating your intentions to seperate your tie to the parasite. If that doesnt work, I heard E.A. Koetting and his partners takes payments to help those in need.

I know how to exorcise myself and rid myself of parasites and worse. This wasn’t a parasite attachment. I had the feeling it was going on its rounds around my enemy’s victims, harvesting their energies. This was a while ago. I doubt this particular enemy is still alive after what I did to him. However, there seems to be a reasonably large network here, full of shitty people using baneful magick. They are not used to their victims standing up to them. More recently a few of them have been going after my sexual energy to keep me down.

I caught a human lady wearing a bright orange summer dress more recently in her astral form, who was attempting to arouse me so that she could link to my sexual energy. This is the type of thing I need to protect myself from. How does one protect oneself from others trapping or otherwise abusing their energies?

I will give you easy advice:

Avoid physical intimate contact from the drainers.

Create a servitor that protects you on your sleep.

Work with your chakras to break blockages and promote the flow of the energy going.

Work with protective aura and chakra spells and energy work.

As a defense you can charge your sexual energy with destructive energy and send it back to them.


I like these ideas. I don’t have any physical contact with these people. So no need to worry about that. But I can’t masturbate because that’s when their spirits step into collect.

I’m wondering, do you have any favourite methods for protecting your aura and chakras?

And how do I roofie the vamps? Essentially, that’s what you describe in your last suggestion. :slight_smile: And this idea I’m particularly interested in. :wink:

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Grounding yourself or connecting to Earth energy or Gaia is very powerful to avoid people draining from you. Creating auric shields is also a good idea but a bit stupid if you don’t know where to get energy from to maintain it constantly without getting weak, hence the Gaia idea is perfect.

If you create normally a massive amount of energy, sometimes it is better to choke them with an excess of energy they cannot handle instead of protecting yourself. This adds up to the idea of roofing the vampires if you know how to cast destructive energy, like hell’s fire (when casted for that purpose) or death energy.

Servitors can be of help to protect you too.

All of this advice is what it gave me more struggle when I was more of a novice as a sexual vampire.

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My favorite method of protection is called The Maharic Shield mediation. You can find it on you tube. I have used it for over 10 years with success. It is kind of right hand, but the great thing about left hand path is we have no problem using right hand path techs if they work.

I too have a thoughtform for protection. If you dont want to go through creating one, you can use one that some1 else created. One of which is in many servitor circles is named “Can-Do”. This was created by a magician to aid anyone with a task of anykind with no traps or blinds embedded. Just evoke him and give him a task, but be sure to tell him when the task time peroid ends. I always tell my thoughtforms that they will expire/unassign when I havent thought about them for 365 days. I hope you crush your enemies!


Liking the idea. I’ll give these a go. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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