How to prep the temple?

I am eager to start practicing evocation. However, i know i should break each step of the process into daily tasks, rather than trying to do a full evocation in one day.
I know the first thing i need to do is pepare the room i plan to use as my temple.
I am going to seal the windows, probably w tin foil. The room is empty, except for the closet. Is it necessary to clear out the closet? What else do i need to do to prep the room before setting up the circle?

As you may have noticed in the Mastering Evocation Training Course, I really don’t get too concerned about these details… because they really don’t matter. I do make a point to point that out. Notice my filmed rituals in the Course: they’re all out in the desert in the middle of the day with minimal devices.

I learned pretty early on that if you get too distracted by worrying about making the room right, or making your tools right, you’re never going to actually get to the evocation itself. I mean, try to find a 6 foot staff made of a single piece lapis lazuli.

Instead of concerning yourself immensely with preparing the outer Temple, concern yourself with preparing yourself for evocation, because the room that you’re in, whether it’s a living room, a ritual room, or in the middle of the desert - it’s all going to disappear and all that will exist is you and the spirit.

In summation, I do consider many of the instructions for the preparation of the Temple to be blinds. If you want to seal the windows so the room is entirely dark, then that’s fine! If you want to empty the room, including the closet, that’s fine too. If you want to push your sofa to the left a little to make room for your circle, or if you want to go outside with a backpack filled with ritual items and walk towards the west until your intuition tells you to stop, then do it! In the end, the magick comes from within yourself!

Could not agree more. Far to many get caught up in the external components of ritual.

While agree that it isn’t necessary I do think that pre ritual rituals do help one get into the proper state of mind.

Personally I like to clean my ritual area beforehand, lay out the appropriate altar, and my implements. This helps me to get into the state of mind of what I’m about to do. It helps make it more real and an intentional display of my will.

Oh yea TWF, I’m definitely not taking away from the prep immersion it gives. It definitely helps but not necessarily necessary,) But to each their own and whatever works, works.

I know what you meant Alkaloid, I agree with you. Pre ritual immersion means nothing if you never get around to the ritual. Like worrying if your circle isn’t perfect, or if your chalice is the correct metal, these things on their own are meaningless but if you stress these things they can become a focal point for doubt and failure.

I like to light my right hand on fire pre-ritual like Alkaloid. This way I’m WAY past the Theta-Gamma sync and I see ALL KINDS OF SHIT from the shock :slight_smile:

Seriously however, I really dig -TWF- & EA’s suggestions. From my experience.I spent A LOT of valuable time, money, energy, and more money with preparing the “blinds” and never got ANYWHERE!!! Years of frustration. At the end of day I think it’s all about the T/G sync, so, whatever helps YOU do that an. I really enjoy painting/using ink with parchent to make my sigils…I enjoy it. EA just uses a freakin marker and computer paper to show that all the other shite is gravy. If you can’t afford parchment paper and ink…no worries. Finding the “right” implement kept me shopping and not doing too much Magick.

Glad I could help…but Mode if you realllyyyy wanna see “ALL KINDS OF SHIT” you should light your face on fire.