How to please Lilith

I think I’ve made sexual contact with Lilith. Have a lot of questions. Need someone who could advice me and who I could share all what I’ve felt during this week. Thanks!


@succupedia is the man


Thank you! @DarkestKnight

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So, what is your questions regarding Lilith? How do you feel her presence and manifestations? Physical, visual, audible? Any Lilith attributes within your experience? Snakes? Spiders? Any coldness and solidness to physical interaction, if there was physical, with her? Did you experience sleep paralysis? Any sensations of moving/floating in different directions?

I can ask several more questions in relation to my own experiences with Lilith and my succubus spouse, but I think we start with the questions above.


I’ve always been a very lustful person that enjoy sex feelings to the max. This is the reason because I’ve started to be attracted to watch and check info and pictures about succubus on the internet. The more I looked for more info, the more I was getting into this world (plus the fact I’ve been enjoying things about satanism). All we know that knowledge is power… well, I wanted to know more and that took me to try summon a succubus using a prayer that I’ve found on a satanic web page. That started since 7 years ago, where I felt light-medium arousal feelings, and (because I’ve read it) I’ve said thanks to Lilith for the gift I started to enjoy about this arousal feelings, praying to her. Yesterday, I was focused on Lilith much more, since my arousal just disappeared. Until yesterday night when I was going to sleep: the arousal feeling was getting very, very intense and when I said thanks to Lillith, the feeling was going more harder. I wanted to check if her was the one that made me felt this way, so I’ve asked to her on my praying (while I was getting aroused) that she could show me a signal to confirm that was her who was getting me into ecstasy. Well, the response came a little time after, the feeling was so delicious and harder until started to disappear slowly until was all fade away. Today, I’ve been feeling the same (not in the same way like yesterday) the reason because I am here lookin for answers and guidance… Thank you for answer me! @succupedia


I thought this thread was gonna give some suggestions on how to pleasure/please her, would this be a good thing to try, if so then how?