How to plan seduction Magick for multiple romantic partners in parallel?

Hello all,

Let’s say you get introduced to multiple potential partners or fuck buddies in your vicinity,
Even using goetia it seems to be a slow process. For those who have done this before how do you guys handle this situation?

For example simply calling on Zepar and giving him a list of names seems to be not enough. While they seem attracted/nice to you, that seems to be not enough. I have had multiple polite/(not so polite) rejections when I made the move too soon. How do veteran members here handle this kinda situation. Looking for advice from my brethren here. Appreciate your help my friends!!!

Wow, you get to have multiple partners. I can’t even get one partner!


Why should they? What reasons do you give them and what is there for them to make a decision?

I’ve pondered on the same thing and you are right, attraction alone is not enough, it’s only part of the recipe, when what you really want is the meal on a plate.

I mean, it’s all well and good to ask a spirit to make someone feel attraction towards you but you are still only asking for part of the deal and while it’s nice as an ego boost to notice someone liking you, what you actually want is for them to be ready to take the plunge, to take action.

So they are attracted to you and they smile and act nice. Now what, so what.

Apart from attraction, you have to make it so they have a reason to commit to action.
You have to find and do what it takes to give them a reason to take action.

Making a person want to take the risk and make that decision is the basis of all kinds of interactions in life.

Appeal/Desire, Reason and Decision.

I might appeal to a woman or two along the way but if they don’t see enough reason then their decision would be a no thank you.

On the other hand, if they find me attractive and they think ooh he gives me a thrill each time I see him then that thrill would be a reason and possibly not enough of a reason depending on what’s going on in their lives. Then when more reasons are established, the decision would be what hangs it all in the balance.


So further to @CovertCreator’s point, maybe layer in a road opener or similar spell to remove blocks, and adjust the attraction to just those who are actually available (not just window shopping) and looking for the same thing you are.

No point putting time into flirting with a lady looking for an LTR when you just want an FWB: if she respects your wants she’ll pass and hold out for the longer term rather than try to change you.


Well goetia is fast ,mix results .as my experience I get baths , Sweet herbs, cloves lavender, or alcohol mix herbs ,and purify myself,and go out.obviosly you purify herbs too.or you can go whit namah,Lilith,etc.or wear a talisman, con sacred by you.

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There’s a full moon seduction ritual in The Sorceror’s Secret by Jason Miller. It requires 1. a red candle in the shape of the gender you’re into, and 2. an item to link to them. You also have to carve their name on the back of the candle.

I don’t believe I’m in the position to use the ritual myself (no proper potential candidate in the area). But IF I were to perform it, and I wanted to target more than one person, I write down a word that relates to the group I’m targeting; some commonality. One example is “Latina Girls”. As for the object of linking, I would collect dirt or dead leaves from the place I’d hope to find them in.


Do glamour magic, make it more of a lifestyle than a one trick thing

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For what you want there are 3 main factors

  1. Her attraction to you
  2. Her sexual availability (this opens and closes like a window at different times)
  3. Is she DTF when you’re making your move (also opens and closes for women)

I’d get a read on this stuff on a deep level first. Then listen to your instincts on what she’s verbally and non-verbally telling you

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Hmm :thinking: and this point too,

With our intent being the overall leverage we could say “like minded women”, in this case, like minded women wouldn’t mean those only interested in the same hobbies as you but like minded intended as in wanting sexy action.

I’ve spent some time thinking about what the details are in “women that suit my preferences” and I feel that just about covers the idea of things like age brackets, personality, time availability, looks/style as well as those looking for the same thing as me.

“Like minded women who suit my preferences” might zero in better.

Smart, after ritual technique is on point (repetition and doing it like you mean it) the rest of the art is in programming

That’s a great catch all I’m going to split test in a few other areas for finding people

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