How to open the Tunnels of Set?

I wanna know from somebody who already worked with the Tunnels of Set how to open them. I’m interested in Raflifu.

What can be dangerous?
How do I open the Tunnel of Raflifu?

Kenneth Grant wrote he advices against
using a crystal stone ball. I would like to
use a mirror.

Any qliphothic experiences appreciated!


through sigil, his name, candle, incense and blood and eventually crystal globe, mirror or scrying in some other element.

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Do you have already encountered Thantifaxath?
Guess, he would be the beginning…

Thantifaxath is one of the best :heart:

Shameless self promotion, but I created the sigils as outlined in Nightside of Eden . I also used the same instructions to create sigils using the sigils given to us by Thomas Karlsson. While no one has stated such is requisite for Karlsson’s sigils, I used the same technique outlined by Kenneth Grant to make modifications of them.

That said it was quite fun to do the work, and sharing such, and having done such increases my bond to the archdemons of the Tunnels.

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