How to open the 3rd eye

I only know one technique to open it it’s a technique of William r wraite but it’s complicated I need a new technique I am total beginner

The 3rd eye is never closed, practicing your senses and such stimulate your energy body and improve it which improves your chakras. They help distribute energy throughout your energy body among other things.


Thanks for the quick reply I will do it today

Practice and patience



In Africa there are herbs and other methods that activates the 3rd eye instantly, 3 days, 7 days and 21days depending on who is doing it but I’m now trying to learn that

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When meditation becomes a habit, your breath rate starts to become steady and you’ll inhale and exhale for 4-8 seconds (lung capacity varies), focus all your attention to the third eye and envision a violet sphere that is an orb charged with energy from your attention — this creates stimulation and after numerous times, when you enter meditation; the third eye will “look” around and you’ll feel it’s intense vibration because its being utilised. Meditation is key! Whatever you focus on, grows! Take care.


What’s the name of the herbs??

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Thnx a lot

I do agree with you but can you please share the name of the herb for the benefits of interested members of this great forum. We will also like to hear your experience.
Good luck and I wish you well

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