How to offer human as a sacrifice

I am planning to offer someone as a human sacrifice to a certain diety. It goes without saying that I am not planning to behead her physically. Most likely going to throw a curse and whatever happens after that, what ever quantity of blood spills, it is for the diety. So the question is how to do it. I am not very good at communicating with spirits, so any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Hi there I am going to answer your question from a somewhat theoretical as well as a practical point of view.

Firstly the practical part: I would really recommend that you a bit on your clairaudience as well as clairgustence and/or clairvoyant, the first being the most important, hearing spirits and being able to follow their instructions is pretty useful especially undertaking a baleful rite, unless you are following and rite that’s been written down, then you will have to trust your intuition more as really pay attention to what you experience internally during the rite in question, which can be hard initially.

Secondly, the more theoretical part if you want blood to be spilled that must be stated to the spirits,or better yet find a spirit who relish in carnage and bloodshed, if you are using them to kill someone. People that are affected by baneful magical usually dies out of rare diseases or seemingly accidents. If you want the victim as a
Sacrifice to the said deity, then use their Legions to accomplish the goal or ask the spirit itself to claim it’s price.

How to go about it. This method was devised by E.A however it’s been slightly modified, if you want the more complete version, look in the Works Of Darkness, found in his Complete Works. I’ve been using it myself and it has worked pretty well.

What you’ll need:

• ritual knife or dagger
• clay or play dough.
• three black candles (optional).

Go outside or stay in your indoor temple, however if you are evoking an entity belonging to the god class, then I’d recommend going outside. If you haven’t done so already create and outdoor altar somewhere remote, stones works fine for this.

Now think of the person you want to die, think about in case they’ve wronged you, or in this case think about their likeness, their smell, the feeling of their skin, incorporate anything you know about their features and channel it into your hand to craft an effigy in their likeness. You will know when you are done, place the effigy on the altar. This is where the optional black candles come in handy, they should be placed on the altar before the effigy is made in the shape of a triangle, then light the candles, take a little while to appreciate the moment feeling the sensation and the energies of the candles.

Finally in the light of the candles carve the name of the victim into the clay figure. And then proceed with calling the entity or legions belonging to that entity as well as other entities that you follow and trust, for example say

(Name) come, and continue with that as well as allowing whatever feels appropriate in the moment to flow though you as you call the spirits. Finally for added punch after they arrive: say for example:

You now stand in the halls of the accused, were you will be judged, you are guilty of (insert crime/offense here & repeat as necessary),
We find you guilty, all that are gathered see you, naked, and we sentence you (insert doom, destruction, etc. here). You are soul belongs to N. Destroy their body and mind (insert other “profanities” if necessary here). However be sure to flow with the moment and say whatever curses and the like you can.

Then raise your arm with the dagger and now stab the effigy, you will only stop when you are exhausted, you should lay on the ground completely drained, if you can move then you still have more than enough energy to give away. The importance being you desire for them to die. That’s what the energy will come from.

Be clear with this though as you conclude, be sure that the spirits present are allowed to have spoils of war, however the majority should the entity that you’ve chose the sacrifice for, hence sending multiple destructive entities belonging to that particular spirit to kill the said person is for the best.

Finally when you are drained and laying on the ground and recovered thank the spirits for coming, bury the effigy away from the altar. And then go about your daily life, fotgetting you’ve performed the ritual.

  • to note: don’t be to speicific though in how their death should go about, the most important thing is to know the first kill usually takes time to happen but if done right they will die.

All the best



Thanks a million times for this elaborate description. Hmmm, developing super sensory abilities and taking instructions from spirits associated with the diety, don’t know how to do it in a short period of time. ( may be I will just kidnap and behead the bitch anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: do it the hard way, Saudi style)


I wouldn’t recomend doing it saudi style. However here are a few things that can speed up the proccess quite a bit. Use a pendulum, Ouija board as well as a candles flame. Mthods or somewhat based on the Mastering Divination Course;

I’ll explain: I agree with a user that said it helps you to develop you clairaudience abillities. simply hold the pendulum ask question beginning with give me a yes response, and then ask it to give it a no reponse, and then procced from there, there are multplie ways to use a pendulum, however you ask a lot of questions but formulate them so they can be answered with yes or no.

The Ouija board there are a lot of resources on here how to use. However if Ouija won’t work for you, use fire gaze at the flame as you communicate with the spirits that you are working with. Using fire will definently help just be sure to remain quiet and pay attention to what you hear inside your mind. If you have sit and think about what the spirit might say then you are not quite there, the communication may sometimes be delayed but initially the voice/voices you hear will sound like your inner voice (in case you are really gifted you might even hear the spirits real voice, that can be pretty scary, making you jump), the flame helps you to calm down enough to develop clairvoyance as well as clairaudience, this will help develop these abillities but it’s NOT a quick fix, just for your information. Good luck.

Niwo. :wink:


Now that’s a million dollar worthy advice. See black magician are sometimes more helpful/eager to share than most of the college Professors. Will give a try to the pendulum divination, just got my hands on ‘Miracle of new avatar power’, it has elaborate chapter on it. As far as communicating with spirits, I used to hear them scream, pound things right at the moment of falling asleep, at the Twilight Zone. Took a lot of grounding/banishing to get rid of it. Or maybe I will just kill the bitch, I wanted to offer her to reap double fruit ( and making a murderous act into something divine is too exciting ) with a single ritual.


That twilight zone, is the state you want to be able to switch into at will. That’s the state tje candle will help to lull you into. As you become more entrenched into the proccess. That’s the state that is more or less required for you to have full blown spiritual contact.

You may notice when even moving your arms or even blink is difficult that’s a good sign you’ve begun hitting the mark.
P.S we all benefit from helping one another. It awakens the collective in due time.


Also when the results come about, let me know how it worked out for you. :wink:

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Valuable info, will keep this in mind. What is in your opinion the right path to follow in the long run. 1-work on one’s third eye till it opens up giving hightened senses, or 2-work on mastering the art of scrying .

And will surely let you know if I get any success. :slight_smile:

Both of these can be accomplished with just about any current of Magick (pathworking). However to really benefit from the additional abilities such things provide I would recommend you get the Mastering Divination Course. It can seem a bit pricey however the quailed of information is undeniable.

If you want to get dirty in a current of you are a LHP practitioner, I could recommend either Mastering Black Magick course. The Black Magick of Ahriman.
If you want to play a bit safer and build from a more neutral approach and then progress into the other currents. The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis (O.A.A) - curriculum is really great. I am working through that as well. All of these accomplish the above, the O.A.A is newbie friendly as well as it builds upon the qualities you seek more gradually.

Tip don’t to multiple pathworkings at once, from my experience it can be extremely draining. Focus on one at a time.

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Just a friendly reminder, working threads are not referendums as to the OP’s intent. :+1:


Is this the ancient demonic language E. A discovered :no_mouth:


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Have you double checked to make sure that the entity actually WANTS a human sacrifice?

Keep in mind, if they don’t want it, it’s going to bite you in the ass crazy hard. I’ve read way too many stories about magicians doing sacrifices and the deity in question was not pleased.

Also, why this woman in particular?


She is a master manipulator and has stopped us from getting the part which is rightfully ours, keeping all for herself. Hasn’t harmed me/us in any direct way, but still…

She hasn’t done anything that severe but she was a mean heartless bitch that’s all. Maybe I am going a bit too far here. Any way, I am planning to sacrifice to a goddesses of a very high order, but she may not like any female sacrifice (just like no goddesses should ever be sacrificed cats, specifically black cats, it’s better to jump into hot lava than doing something stupid like that)

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Human sacrifice is a complicated topic. There are very different energies involvedwith different types of sacrifice. Many valid distinctions arise.

The nature of the sacrifice. In this case it is established as human. Is it a willing sacrifice? This opens the doors to realms that are at the same time delightful and abominable to explore.

Okay, so we established this is not a blood sacrifice. How does the spiritual composition of the sacrifice play in? Does the amount of ‘fight’ in the subject effect the results of the sacrifice?

Here’s a mind fuck to work with, free of charge. If you want a spiritual sacrifice to aid your ascent in some way,have you tried sacrificing yourself to your self?

This is not a light subject, so I propose this with all seriousness.

Man feed that bitch to the hogs and offer it to the spirit of gluttony. As belial would say. JUST DO IT

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Sorry for my ignorance but I don’t know what a willing sacrifice is. Don’t think anybody wants to be sacrificed willing.

O. K, now I am feeling like an illiterate idiot :no_mouth: . But I don’t think fight in the subject affects the result of the sacrifice. Otherwise all most all living sacrifice would turn out to be unworthy.

Convert to Christianity. They sacrifice lots of humans.

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How, where. Really :open_mouth:

Read the Old Testament.