How to notice an imposter

If it’s a thoughtform you can kill it temporarily but it will eventually reform due to being thought about, for thoughtforms attention is their life line.

for real entity imposters yes you can kill them, just a matter of having the skills to do it.

then you need to develop yourself magickally and learn to hear the spirits first, im sorry, thats all i can think of

oh no worries thank you for the help

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interesting is there any books that you can suggest to help me further with this ?

I have not read any books that talk about dealing with them, I only know from experience.

someone should make a book bout it so beginners like me could learn but thank you alot of the help

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Worth while read and @anon48079295 ty for all the wisdom you shared. Small question thought forms can’t mansfest visually only in your head right?

Thoughtforms only exist within the mental plane, they can use the individual or group’s mental space to manifest itself as a projection onto the physical if they were strong enough to do so.

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You can spot an imposter because the results of their work likely will be bullshit, also if you have some friends that can divine they should be able to help you out.

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U said earlier that some thoughtforms were made by practitioners but how do they make em?

Thoughtforms are made from strong thoughts/desires.

what if someone had maladaptive daydream disorder?

I would assume that would be really useful in forming one.

but could it cause thoughtforms ?

It’s a possibility.

ahh shit :c

Doesn’t stop the person from learning to scan and such to tell the difference.

do u know a good starting place for scanning ?