How to notice an imposter

I heard that if you ask a spirit for a sigil and they don’t show it , it means they are an imposter because imposters can’t show other spirits sigil. Idk if it 100% true and i would like someone to explain it to me in more detail.


I guess it depends if you have the skills to accurately receive the sigil, and if they can’t pick the true sigil out of your head. Depends on the impostor.

I think the aim, and what I do, is not ask for the sigil of the entity you wanted, rather, be friendly, act like you want to talk to this entity for it’s own sake, and ask it for it’s own sigil. Then compare them. Don’t give it a reason to dissemble.

I’ve probably only asked for sigils a dozen or so times, and it’s been reliable so far. I rather enjoyed the company of a new entity, that found me, that way. And also a mask of a known entity that was just for me to work with. And sometimes I’m just annoyed and hostile about it, it all depends on how they behave.


yes and no, like maulbeere said, its also up to you being able to properly see the sigil, another way to sniff out impostors is to ask their name in my opinion, an impostor cannot give the name of the spirit they are pretending to be

Just learn how to feel a spirits energy signature in whatever way is easiest for you. A random spirit could never impersonate the true energy of a demon, god or angel for example. If you have the sigil feel the enery of it first and check it with the spirit that appears. Ive never experienced one before but im really energy sensitive. Ive had random spirits appear in my rituals but i just vampyrise them and absorb the energy.

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this is nonsense because showing a sigil is literally just that showing a sigil. I can show you someone else’s social security card? any entity can show a person another’s sigil. However, an imposter depending on the type of imposter if a thoughtform it cannot leave the astral/mental and has to use the person’s own mentalscape to “appear” and if you can scan a thoughtform has no energy system, it will always ping back to it’s creator(s).

A real entity faking as another real entity is a bit different, you have to be able to scan them, tell their energy signature, and so forth. For example: a demon claiming to be say Gabriel? you scan you’ll see the demon has dark energy (elemental wise) which Gabriel does not as Gabriel has a form of light energy (elementally) that and if you can project (be it etheric, astral, etc preferably etheric since astral can be anything) you can examine their form/true form and a demon cannot make itself look like Gabriel unless it’s astral/mental.


so i ask the entity that i’ve summoned to give me their name? and if they don’t reply or say the wrong one then they are an imposter? Im very new to all of this so sorry if i sound dumb lol

There’s different types of imposters ? Well ive heard of a trickster is that the same?

Tricksters isn’t necessarily a form of imposter, trickster can also be just what some would call a entity that does unorthodox teachings such as Set, Herne(Cernunnos) the Native American Raven spirit, etc.

I find there’s only thoughtform imposters and real entities who claim to be another entity, some people call them “lesser spirits” but I don’t really believe in the concept of greater and lesser spirits, it’s hogwash to me.

Only thing I consider lesser is a certain race of entities that are born from when an entity or a person attempts to consume souls of others, you’ll find them often scourging the etheric plane, they’re mindless and only go off instinct and the need to consume.

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ooh i see i used to think of imposters arent such a big deal, but yesterday i read a forum about a imposter Lilith and now i feel stupid for thinking that imposters were nothing to worry about .

Imposters aren’t much a big deal until they become persistent, but it’s also not always their fault. Many imposters were created by practitioners knowingly or unknowingly. Knowingly because some practitioners try and create thoughtform versions of well known entities.

Unknowingly because some practitioners jump right into trying to work with entities without developing their clairvoyant skills so they can’t tell if theyre talking to the real entity or feeding an imagination that will eventually become a thoughtform/imposter.

yes, i would suggest doing so but i am not 100 percent sure

oooh i see can you kill imposters or is that a wrong way of going about it

what if you couldn’t hear spirits ?

If it’s a thoughtform you can kill it temporarily but it will eventually reform due to being thought about, for thoughtforms attention is their life line.

for real entity imposters yes you can kill them, just a matter of having the skills to do it.

then you need to develop yourself magickally and learn to hear the spirits first, im sorry, thats all i can think of

oh no worries thank you for the help

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interesting is there any books that you can suggest to help me further with this ?

I have not read any books that talk about dealing with them, I only know from experience.

someone should make a book bout it so beginners like me could learn but thank you alot of the help

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Worth while read and @anon48079295 ty for all the wisdom you shared. Small question thought forms can’t mansfest visually only in your head right?