How to not lust for results when the circumstances keep hitting you on the face

To cut the story short, I’m cursing. And I see results, not to the degree I want but enough to see it’s working.
The problem is I have to keep interacting with my abuser. When he doesn’t call I wonder if the curse worked. Then I call to check on him. I can not not call more than a few days for his anger will be directed to me.
If he comes back in a few days, it will feel like I will be lusting for results because I want him gone, and not by my side.
Does anybody have a trick up their sleeve for dissociation in a situation where you live with the unwanted results, if I can define?

You’re attracting him. This isn’t “lusting for results” this is manifesting the situation you’re trying to get rid of and it’s sending the message that your magick is pointless and meaningless to you because you’re actively working directly against what you’ve asked for.


I know . That’s my point. I have to check on him. Or I will face consequences in real life. I have to act submissive.

Now I understand. Please disregard my above post.

I think you’re fine then.


He is my husband. He is away for the time being, but he expects me to call him daily. And if I don’t call he asks for a reason.
I know Forcalor got him, but not enough.
I might be hindering my work but I don’t know how to stop it.


Now this is making more sense. Is he physically able to walk around and be aggressive? I know he had a pond incident.


Yes. I definitely want him gone out of my life before he harms my kid. Or my future, but that s secondary at the moment.

Can he physically harm you at the moment was my question? If he can’t I suggest you stop contact with him. Otherwise, maybe tell Furcalor to speed it up because you and your kid are in danger.


Yes he can
I can’t stop the contact but I can keep it in check. I did everything with Furcalor, and he is somewhat unaffected on whatever I throw on his direction.

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I don’t want to give him physical harm if it comes to that because it will get me in trouble with the law. But if it comes to that I can defend the kid and myself to the extreme.

Every time he calls,I can’t help saying “Shit he’s still alive” :slight_smile:

I just read your other post and Focalor’s up in my now for another project. I’ll send some to boost, if you agree. He’s good with it, but I won’t interfere without your permission.


Have you called Furcalor back and told him his unwillingness to do his favorite thing and drown this man is affecting you and your child’s safety? If you have and nothing changes in a week, that might be when you should start worrying a bit more. And considering doing a ritual with someone else.

I’m supposed to work with him today too! So I can follow @anon39079500 's lead and speak with him about this if you’d like. I pull a card or two for you also.


This is kind of lusting for results I guess but not in the obsessive way. Are you able to block his calls and only call when you want? That way you’re still in contact but you dictate when/how? For example every other day at 4pm so it’s a schedule and not you turning the idea of his death over in your mind so often?

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Yes I did. But ‘m not sure about the answer. I did another petition but don’t have any feedback about it and I did not follow through to give more time to work.
If I block his calls I will have to answer him about that.
I live in the shithole of the world. I can’t live the logical way.

I’m not used to ask for favors. And I feel shame asking for one.

I feel desperate at the moment. I would feel grateful.

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And there’s some urgency. He says he’ll come next week.

Will do. Care if I also do something for your protection?


I offered. So it’s not a favor.

Also, it’s okay to accept things sometimes. My boyfriend one time looked at me like I’d thrown boiling water at him when I gave him a gift. I realized, some people really aren’t used to helped out or given things. I’m not forcing anything on you, but you can accept my offer without anything negative attached to it.


If you can I would appreciate. Please don’t get troubled with me.