How to merge my astral bodies?

So ive spent a lot of time in my life daydreaming and exploring different worlds in my head. I was told that in doing so my astral bodies are constantly off doing other things and i should probably reconnect them to realize my true self before i send them back out.

Does anyone have any experience, sources or meditations i can employ to work on this? Please let me know!

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As far as I know, you’ve only got one astral body. Any others would, to my thinking, be thoughtforms. There’s no need to “merge” them.

You can’t exactly disconnect yourself from yourself so I don’t know what this means.

Are you having any problems that you are investigating this as the solution for? Are you chasing memories that are lost, for example?


I think what they’re getting at is to focus your energy on the material and not only just daydreams. If you are pleased with your material life, that will make your astral explorations all the more enjoyable.

I’d do what you’re already doing, but applying it to material fantasies. Imagining the possibility is how magick begins.

I think what your saying is your looking for a way to align your energy bodies meridians with your astral matrix body. An easy way to do this but a small piece of Kyanite stone. Start by holding the stone above your head I. Your crown chakra area and proceed to run it straight down over your face neck, chest, stomach, groin,legs and feet.

You literally feel it immediately.

You could do this with someone who had thier eyes closed and they would still feel everywhere the stone was traced on thier body.

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You should only have one astral body afaik. I wonder if you can create more of them. There is a concept of Yang double in east but no idea what it really is about.

Are you sure you are not refering to for example ,say, mental and astral body? Or something similar? They are already together. Just google auric egg and you will see what I mean.

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I think maybe the term is my energy bodies are fragmented

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Possibly! Thanks ill try this.

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Soul fragmentation is a concept from shamanism, where a shaman would journey to retrieve the fragment and ask it to “come back home” to reintegrate it.

But this isn’t caused by daydreaming, it’s more often the result of trauma, particularly from childhood, so the soul fragments can look like children in the astral for this reason, as they look like you when you were at the age when they left. On the other hand a soul fragment that’s ready to return can cause dreams.

You can go into vision and do your own soul fragment retrievals. I’ve used this technique successfully, and while I’m sure it’s not the only way to do this work, it’s still very effective.


Hey thanks again! I am a recovering addict so it could be from some experiences there. I like this idea of going into a vision to retreive all the parts ill try this.

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Can a soul fragment be captured by an entity?

Interesting idea, I hadn’t thought about that. I think not, as it’s not a separate sovereign being, it’s still within you and not really at large in the common spaces in the astral. But I could be wrong.

This technique is very symbolic, I think the underlying reality is all waveforms and damping, but that’s hard to work with, the left brain approach is artistic but give us a handle our minds can get hold of to effect intention.