How to master communication with spirits?

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I would like to ask you for some guidance! I’ve got visited by some spirits due to going through some traumatic events in my life. They basically came to me and invited me to magic to help get stronger and overcome my problems. This I got to magic without even understanding of its real existence! I was then let to professionals. This started a bit over 3 years ago. Some of my problems went away but using magic to become truly strong and reach my dreams didn’t manifest for whatever reasons. I used professionals conjurers to co jure various spirits for me and some of the spirits conjured showed me vivid dreams as explained. With others absolutely nothing happened. I would love to learn more about spirits, conjuring and all of it. Especially considering how to communicate with spirits and also get benefits out of the relationship as I already got connected to a few, had some great experiences with some but feel there is huge potential that I am missing out on due to lack of experience and awareness!

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About conjuring, the procedure’s core is using either the name or sigil of an entity, or also an image representing it. Contact is established by focusing on this “item”, at the same time starting to enter a magical trance. Then it’s possible to actually call the spirit, seek his/her vision in incense, a scrying device or skip that and communicate right away.
A regular practice of a meditation to empty mind helps “hearing” the spirits: you may, for example, ignore thoughts or pretend to push out each one of them. Choose a form of divination, such as Tarot, runes or scrying. Then there is chakra work: Vishuddha is the clairaudience chakra; it is located at the throat, its color is (light) blue and the bija mantra is Ham. Although it’s better taking care also of the others.


I use a pendulum I hold over the sigil of the invoked entity.

I also came from humble tragic beginnings and I found that DMT helped me feel what nothingness felt like and when I meditate on that feeling I can feel the emotional fabric of the spiritual plane and I emotionaly vibrate to match my desired emotional destination and success just manifested around me. You have to feel detached from your ego and emotionless while also observing and transmuting your traumas( which is a powerful tool to have to work with because it’s strong) and push away with forgiveness of anger if you want to move closer.

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