How to master bilocation?

Hey! A few months ago, I bought the Mastering Soul Travel Course, since it is something that I always wanted to practice before even knowing Magick. However, only now I decided to take my practice more seriously.

For now, I’ve watched the course until the part where E.A talks about the astral gateways. But I haven’t crossed them yet, because I feel like before doing so, I could improve my bilocation abilities on the physical plane, since as of now, I haven’t been able to lose the notion of my body, and sometimes it even feels like my mind is struggling to see new environments I try to go to.

So, my question is, what could I do to improve, or even master bilocation?

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Practice. That’s it. This is a skill and you just have to work it.

I assumed practice was the way to get better, but what could be an optimal practice?
Dedicating some time, say for example, 1 hour every day, and project myself to whatever place I want to go to, and explore it until I forget the notion of the physical body?

Yes, try every day.

Try putting your alarm on for 1 to 3 hours early, and plan to do the work then. Being in that state between waking and sleep is the easiest. Keep trying all different techniques because what works one day doesn’t work the next.

From trying to get out of your body in the room, to locating to a place, to visiting a person. It’s good to always have a plan, and don’t get distracted by any random figures that show up, as you’ll tend to get distracted and fall back into sleep or imagination. If one thing isn’t working right away, like, in a few seconds, switch up techniques, keep it moving to stay focused.

You can also use remote viewing, which also gets you bilocating spontaneously but takes a while to get there. Also daily. Half an hour a day is fine for that one.


Some time ago I found this

The title is about levitation but it actually discuss teleporting physically.

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I will try that.
Thanks for the detailed answer! :grinning:

Realize you already do this everyday, when you daydream, when you think about things, just spend more time doing it, you can do it anytime anywhere, waiting in line, astro travel, waiting for food, astro travel, whenever you have extra couple minutes astro travel. Delete all beliefs preventing you from achieving your goals.

Start with the shamanic tutorial available

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