How to manage clairvoyance

All is in the title.

I keep dreaming about things, I keep feeling things that happen in the future.

The night before the Ethiopian plane crash I had a dream I was in a plane crash. The other day I could just feel my friend’s aunt was close to passing (she was healthy), I told him to get her checked and before she could she passed.

Sometimes I dream about my life, my future, insignificant things like conversations, moments, actions. And they happen.

It’s really hard to deal with it, sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy, like reality doesn’t exist.

It’s a horrible feeling. I want to shut it down


Shut it down? No, no…EMBRACE IT!


That’s why people always warn about magick. :man_shrugging:

You got what you asked for and paid for, the question is, are you going to run away, or use it?

If you dislike people dying for example, you could put this to good use, study healing, and actually help people?


Clairvoyance is the last thing I ever asked for tbh :joy:

The problem is that it’s just so random. And sometimes I’m too slow to process the bits and pieces of information I get, I only realize that I knew literally right before they happen and I see the bits puzzle together in front of me.


Instead of letting it bubble inside until you burst into insanity, you could attempt to control it, steer it towards a goal.

Like Lady Eva said, you could help others; or you could focus it on yourself, making your life better (do something to change the outcome of a situation), perhaps expressing it through creative means (painting, writing, composing a song, etc) might help controlling it. :slight_smile:


That’s normal. We all do (i think) what worked for me : i told Myself that I woud like a little more advanced warning sothe “warnings” became 3 months adead instead of days ir weeks. That us also awkward as yo forget to write down said dream or premonition. Make use of your gift. I found this forum is a safe place to talk about it even wicca “friensds” call it showing off and theteby stifflig. But here uts liberating and a pleasure to read how much its normal and others like you❤ (& dream diary &/bos) helps keep track of events.
So glad that you shared


So writing down my dreams and… what else? What should I do to try and control it better? Sometimes it’s just “feelings/thoughts” that I think I just make up but actually not, quite hard to differentiate.


Start studying a method of divination, that may help give it positive channels to flow into.