How to make time for evoking

Im going on a holiday in about three hours without my magick books but I will be home half an hour before I go on holiday. Is 10-15 minutes of evoking enough? I shouldn’t do magick but this one is important (I evoke an hour usually when I did magick but I feel the need to evoke it will impact the family I’m with for protection) I’m still not doing magick btw till I get an answer, I’m still keeping it to prayers

No replies that’s alright I keep it to prayers, must be a no then??

Evocations work different for everyone else , you’ll have to try it yourself and see , in my case I always tried to evoke in the day time because at night I’d find myself falling asleep , and I ALWAYS needed a lengthy time to do what I had to

You could pre-charge the ritual, if you will. Probably not the best way to describe it, but the ritual can be more of a process than an event. Similar to pre-evocation work, you start several days out (up to you) with meditation, contemplation on the purpose of the ritual and what you’re planning on doing. If you can get into a trance in a short amount of time, then putting these two together can make evocations/invocations happen relatively quickly, from my experience. If you’ve already evoked the entity you plan on working with, it becomes easier and faster (most of the time). Hope it helps.


Some time ago, but still recently, I discovered with a bit of surprise that I was able to summon or at least “channel” in 15-30 minutes. Perhaps repetition (of evocation and/or training: entering trance, opening sigils) is the key, anyway it’s also possible to include in the operation only what is necessary each time. A quick evocation may be simply gazing at a sigil in order to open it either for receiving information or reaching a goal; for example, in the latter case one after the classic flashing of the sigil would imagine the desired situation as already real, feel all the related emotion to the point of exhausting it then state “I obtain this”, “The reality is so and so”.

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