How to make the communication stronger?

Since i was 10 years old ive been able to comunicate with non-physical beings, mostly light beings. How can i make my communication stronger?

For the last 4 years i had so much stress and saddness that i lost the ability to do all those spiritual things. Now again ive been practicing and everything is coming back to normal. But id like to make my communication with other beings stronger

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Like attracts like.

You’ll attract more of these again if you work on feeling as much love, joy and positivity as you can. Focus on the silver linings, the good things in every situations no matter how small. Dealing with an angry person? Look for one thing you like, even as little as the color of their shoes, and it will raise your vibes.

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That’s what ive been trying even when i get angry, i mean either way getting angry won’t solve a problem and overthinking will make it more stressful right.

But i stil have the feeling i want help from someone, a mentor or something. I know having slow progress is good and i dont mean i want be able to control everything overnight. But the progress does feel a bit slow

Yeah mentors are hard to find, but that’s kind of what BALG forums are, we’re a community of mages that all support each other, share experiences and ideas :slight_smile:

There’s been stories told of monks who ask if they meditate twice as much, with they progress twice as fast, and the response is, it will take double. The idea I think here is, by focusing on status we are not focusing on the work itself, and lose traction.

I would say, keep switching up techniques and medications as soon as you hit a new plateau. It’s seems like that, that you make progress and then stall out. Kind of like, if you always do the same gym routine you stagnate. Changing things up a little can get you over a hump.

Maybe switch from astral projection to communication with the dead to evocation to pathworking to pendulums etc etc. just an idea.