How to make people nice/humble towards me

Instead of people trying to intimidate me, how can I make most people (because I know it can’t be done for everyone) humble and/or nice towards me? For example when I go to the gym there are some people who lock eyes with me and some are dropping the weights rudely in front of me, I want to stop that from ever happening, anyone know how?

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The combination of the Shem angel Kahetal and the Goetia demon Barbatos can “make someone feel inferior to you.”

Vuehuiah and Bael can “make you appear confident to all who know or meet you.”

Achahia and Amon can “make an enemy see you as a friend.”

Loviah and Sallos can “make strangers more likely to be attracted to you.”

Source: The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer


If you can, I’d just ignore them. They are trying to bring you into their world, and if you just ignore them and go about getting your workout on they’ll look elsewhere most likely.

If they get up on you and aggress on you, maybe just a simple statement, like, “Excuse me, I’m trying to get my workout on.” You want to convey some deference while also conveying strength, and with this statement you are making it clear that you realize they are aggressing on you but are dignified enough to de-escalate but hold your ground. This statement also encourages this person to perceive you as being like them, someone who enjoys working out at the gym. It is simple but it can be very effective as these thugs usually look for people who respond with weakness.

If negotiation fails, there is nothing wrong with bringing in the gym authorities to deal with this person. I’m not trying to get into some petty bullshit samsaric game, I’m just trying to fucking exercise man.

If you mind your own business and ignore people they’ll usually leave you alone. Being secure in your own ego is also important. Sometimes people aren’t trying to be threatening, you’re just easily threatened.