How to make connection with a demon

I am somewhat new to the dark arts, though not new to magick. I’ve done some studying on demons, and feel drawn to this path. I have never evoked a demon and I would like to communicate with one before an evocation. I’m hoping someone with experience will be willing to guide me in this. Thanks, and this site is great, as most information you find on the internet is inaccurate or incomplete.

Invoke a demon first and get to know eachother, I’m sure there’s tutorials on this forum on how to invoke.

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You simply could call one.
The last time I called a Demon forth
I only spoke out his name loudly and he
appeared a few minutes later showing
himself headless but with hat.

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The same way you make a connection with a physical person, people skills, boundaries, read the atmosphere, so on and so forth when getting to know them.

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Thank-you. So far I’ve chanted the demonic enn with meditation and appropriate candle etc. There has been no outward manifestation, however there has been a telepathic message, and in my mind’s eye I was able to see this particular demon.


What experience do you have in magick?

There are many ways to summon a demon. You can just call them like had been said here. Or open their sigil first. It’s important to notice that you need your 3rd eye to be open to feel, hear, see things. And their manifestation will be through your mind, mostly. So you’ll feel their presence, and see their image on your mind, hear their voices in your mind, sometimes you’ll just have an insight, a thought that had just been put in there for them. Is how they communicate.

I have had some success with one demon, and it was just like you said, they communicate telepathically and the third eye must be open. I also sensed an electric kind of energy- hard to describe- while this was happening. I prepared the sigil and chanted the enn while meditating. I also was able to picture the demon in my mind’s eye which surprised me. I was not at all uncomfortable, I could just feel it’s power. Thanks for your input. :blush:

The third eye is ever open but it can be blocked or insensitive.

I watch my dreams. Last night I apparently ran into two daughters doing something “bunny-ish” on their knees to something in a hidden room. They told me of their father told me of them. I’m not sure who they were but they were friendly. They smiled and knew my name. Very welcoming. “Father” I couldn’t see later on but could hear and asked how I liked his daughters? Honestly, very different for me but I’ve been looking for a pathworking towards this for a while.

I’ve meditated, focused my mind on a current I plan to work with heavily esp when my book arrives (going on a month now waiting) and seeing various synchronicities pop up into place.

There are as many methods as there are magicians I imagine though some are probably extremely similar. I say different because we don’t all think the same or do the same at the same times or rituals EXACTLY.

Yes that is very true. Practicing meditation to clear and unblock my third eye has helped me. I had been using a Hindu type meditation for several years, and that is how I learned. Now instead of using the mantra continually, I simply use the end while meditating.

Enn not end.

You seem to be avoiding my question regarding your experience in magick.

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

These are important parts to a proper introduction.

‘Devotion’ for want of a better word.
I made myself a set of beads. First one was stained wood. Second one was stone. There’s something ascetically pleasing about using (100% natural twine and) beads and chanting and/or reciting enns. Sometimes I use beads in bed before sleep. I call in spiritual entities by calling/chanting their names, enns and Seals.


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@4648Cru Hi, these are important questions, very helpful for all sorts of reasons, please don’t leave them hanging.

Cheers. :+1:

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I have been practicing black magick for 8 years, before that as a teen I learned hoodoo from my great grandmother, at the age of 18 I got interested in Wicca, also various forms of divination, in the late 90s I became a solitary witch, decided satanism and the left hand path is what I wanted to do, so for the last 8 years I’ve been a black witch and have been studying about satanism and demonology.


Awesome, thanks for the update:)

I’m now curious on what areas of black magick you studied over the last 8 years, It seem you mentioned satanism. How have you found your experiences differ from the other paths you walked?