How to make a contract with Naamah?

Hello I’ve been interested in awhile for making a contract with Naamah. If anyone is experienced in how to do this, the help would be much appreciated. I did buy some items for the contract but not sure what I might need or if I’m missing anything and how to go about the contract to make it successful. What I brought is

. Parchment paper
. quill and ink set (black ink)
.black candles
.white sage
.holy water
.white chalk
.I have her sigil to draw on the contract.
.I have come up with terms for the contract but will revise before doing the contract
.and black salt

If there is anything I am missing and preferably how to make a contract with her specifically would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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@BioWolf20 why on earth did you get holy water to work with a demonic spirit? :thinking:

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I heard it was for purification of me. I’m new to this so that’s why I created the post.

Was it water bought from a church or did you consecrate it yourself?

Using holy water is counter productive when working with demons. Why repel something you want to get close to? Its a waste of time and energy. Don’t use holy water. Throw it away.

Okay I’ll throw it out, but do you know how I would go about making the contract? I’m new to it, I’ve been doing research but can’t find anything conclusive.

If you’re making a pact with any demon, and you’re sure that’s what you want to do, then use your blood. Pacts are usually made with blood and the demon’s sigil.

The best way to approach it in my opinion is to look at it as a business deal with another person. Write out what you want, what you are willing to offer in exchange, the time frame of the pact, and a place where both parties can sign. Once you have a draft, evoke or invoke Naamah to go over it. If she approves, which you will either hear so or get a good feeling, then sign it. If not, redraft it and start again. Have you worked with Naamah before?

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As an alternative to holy water, there’s an oration more or less like this (for example you may say it while showering or washing your hands): “O Supreme, make pure this water that I’m using to purify myself”. Or simply imagine that you’re getting clean not only physically but also astrally etc. And naturally there is the option of banishing for what concerns the place.

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This may be of some help. I have had quite a few posts relating to Naamah as I have work have been working with her as part of my Qliphothic pathworking. Not pact making so to speak (as my pact is with Belial currently) but it may help with understanding what she may be like when you call her.

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