How to magickally influence YouTube videos

I’m going to start a YouTube channel for my music. Does anyone know a way to use Magick to boost my videos for more exposure?


You will need sigils to embed in your videos and logo.

Invoke Lord Paimon to guide you in this regard.


Ok. Umm I can’t really offer anyone anything other than promises of future offerings because of my living situation right now. Will that be okay?

Lord Paimon is awesome and you can easily share your food and water with him as an offering.Just say you want to ascend in his name and he should guide you and he will.You can offer to share with the world how awesome his help has been.

Thats what I did initially with all my offerings.

Now I have some money to afford live sacrifice for my pacts and offerings so I regularly do these too.A sacrifice is a sacrifice no matter how small.You could be sacrificing your prized last cigarette or even your sleep.

Listen closely to the signs he sends to you.


Ok. So just to be sure I will be asking him to help me get my music/videos as much exposure as possible

Of course, Lord Paimon rocks.

If you want deeper results, start off with a joint petition to Lord Lucifer, Lord Paimon and Lord Belial.You will hear whispers of excellent ideas in your ears all day.Promise them that when you are rich you will make better offerings in material and spirituality.
These are the original Gods of Darkness and know how to bring attention to your blog.

By the way try googling the video “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.I am 100% sure the guy in the video invoked some great Lords to get subtle messages through.