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We all know physical teachers and how they can verbally teach us, but how do we learn from spirits such as belial. I plan on giving him a offering soon and asking him if he will teach me some stuff. I know some people can hear spirits verbally, but I cannot. How do I learn from him if I can’t hear? I recently did a channeling with belial and it turned out well, the only thing was it was incredibly hard to receive the answers. When learning from him I want to be sure I get detailed answers and can use what he teaches.

How would I do this? Any ideas?


If you are currently unable to hear them then do not worry they will teach you through omens and intuition. When you evoke Belial for learning from him do not expect a physical manifestation Because that does take years of practice and effort. But This will be more of a connective evocation where you will recieve your teachings through omens, intuition, you may get a sense of understanding, you may only feel a vague hint of your answer, and all of this is dependent on your natural ability and the efforts you put into practicing evocation. Your results will become more noticeable as you progress with each evocation. It is better to have a strong connection with a particular demon if you are planning to evoke him by learning about him, creating a substantial contact. The more advanced your connection to the demon is, the more it knows and and senses you and the results will be more profound.

For when you evoke Belial pay attention to your intuition because it will be coming directly from the demon. Don’t worry if you can’t hear or see them yet your evocation will still be successful and you will form a direct communication with the demon, emotionally and mentally. You may hear The demon speaking through your mind, so pay attention to everything. Even if nothing of this happens he will surely will teach you through omens and intuition and as you practice evocation more and more so your ability to communicate will improve.

I will also advice you to practice getting into trance that way it is more easier to communicate with them. :slight_smile: :sparkles:


Ok that makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up. Also during my channeling last night I was charging the room with belials energy for bout an hour. I was listen g to enns and just over all tuning in. I was finally ready and took a picture of the table I was using. Once the flash of my phone hit my curtain I saw a black silhouette of a creature. It shocked me at first, when I looked at the picture i took there was nothing to be seen. I’ll send the picture and maybe you can feel it.

As you can see there is no viable figure but you may be able to feel him.

Thank you again for the info

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If you keep summoning the spirits, they will manifest certain events and cause you to go through experiences related to what they can teach you. Sometimes they will provide valuable information by speaking to you directly, but I would say this sort of communication is secondary to how they will shape your life and the world around you.

Nothing will happen if you don’t tell the demons what you want, however. If you give the demons the honesty of your desire, they will work to make those desires manifest because that is what they have been called to do. You do not need to give any offerings, leave out any food, burn any incense (unless you like to use incense in your rituals to create the mood, then by all means - I often work by candlelight), and you most certainly do not need to cut yourself and bleed for Belial or any other spirit. All you have to do is simply thank the spirit for coming when you called and being present with you and in your life. Belial is an immensely powerful demon, and he does not require anything from you to work his power.


I understand. But I’m just the kind of person I’m general to give gifts to show my thanks.

Yikes definitely give gifts. They appreciate sincere gratitude but think of it this way… would you rather clean a stranger’s dirty room for a sincere thank you or a hundred bucks? Try leaving some rum out if you are able to get some. He has expressed interest in that to me previously. Pay attention to number and animals around you. These things can hold spiritual significance and may act as answers to questions.

Yeah I see your point lol. I did a channeling and he wants chocolate, cherry, or something homemade.

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Good luck. Feel free to message me whenever if you want to discuss your experiences. I’m in a similar position.

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If you’d like to share your experience go ahead and dm and I will try to keep you updated.

Was The figure you saw had horns? Because yes I Certainly saw a horned one there and his width is as huge as your curtain.

And it’s my pleasure. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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If you want to give an offering of some sort, I’d recommend an offering of experience. You can leave food out to rot or alcohol out to evaporate and go to waste, but this a half-assed offering and is not what I recommend.

Instead, summon Belial and invite the demon to join you in the experience of eating the food or tasting the drink. Savor every moment of the experience, and the demon will enjoy it with you. Don’t just scarf down the food - notice the texture, the temperature, the little details of how it looks. Don’t just gulp down a glass of wine, act like a pretentious connoisseur - note each flavor, swirl it around on your tongue, smell it, all that stuff. The demon will be with you and will relish in every moment.

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Funny how you bring that up now lol. I was just thinking of leaving it out. Thank you.

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