How to learn from demons?

“You can’t just work with Marchosias or any of the others once and expect it to be done.” - King Beleth (whose name I only knew in passing) in a dream two nights ago.

A problem I have is that I don’t actually know how to “work with demons” let alone what it means. What I mean is actually learning from them, not just asking them for things.

I have tried to form relationships with demons who I believed were reaching out to me before. It never got that far though that may have been more of my fault looking back. I thought just giving offerings and waiting for a response was the thing to do. That actually did work once, I felt called to work with Eisheth Zenumim, gave her things after attempting to evoke her, and actually got some results. Then it kinds just died out.

I used to be curious about Marchosias because he/she may have been in another dream once.

Basically what I want to know is how one contacts a demon they want to learn from and form a relationship, and how the relationship actually works. Personal experience, instructions, advice, whatever you believe will help.


Just ask the spirit directly to learn from them. Some people say to give offerings for 30 days you could try that. I wouldn’t do it but it is a way to build a relationship


Relationships with them should be built on a daily basis:evocation, invocation, meditation, not only when you need something, they must know that you want them in your life, you know them better, their energy, their character traits, you treat them as best friends you are with them in your thoughts when you are not at home and doing important things, a few minutes is enough several times during the day, it strengthens your relationship,prayer helps a lot.It doesn’t get overnight.You can always ask directly and they will teach you but they will never be the same as when they already have a certain emotion and sympathy towards you.


I recommend pacts, just saying.

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Which spirit is easy to summon easily for beginners


Those of the higher ranks, because they’re the introductory force, so to speak. The keys to the others.