How to learn about a Kakodaemon?

I’d like to know if anyone has any info on how to identify a kakodaemon, how to communicate with the kakodaemon, how to figure out their name and intentions?

Some context as to what this spirit has done.
They respond to my emotions. If im upset with someone, they haunt that person. The person will hear growls, scratches on the wall, and they’ll be frightened by nightmares and poltergeisting. None of this happens in my presence, typically. On the rare occasions it does , it stops when I ask for it to stop. Ive also asked for someone to be punished, at which point the person had a severe respiratory attack and was hospitalized.

The spirit can shape-shifting, if I ask them to visit someone to initiate them or to make them aware of spirit, the spirit will visit them in dreams, taking my shape and form. A few times they have appeared in a grey skinned form with a large smiling mouth and red eyes. Ive also been told , and seen, that they take the form of a black fog.

I have never been attacked by this spirit, they appeared in dreams in different forms and protected me or straight up shifted me out of the nightmare into a safe dream. Usually when this shift happens, I suddenly realize its a dream, then I’m suddenly in my house with random characters talking to me about things like “we didn’t do this to you but we are protecting you” or appearing as a wolf to guide me back home in the dream. Usually the events in these dreams tell me of things I am to face in the future. Ive had 3 dreams that have come true so far. This experience has lingered on my mind. The man who offered protection looked straight up like a business man. He looked like he knew me and he had an assistant. A woman came in, grabbed me by my shoulders, and motioned me to the mirror. In the mirror my face morphed into a sort of boney devilish look. I could see where horns were starting to emerge.

This spirit also fulfills my wishes. If I ask to bring a person into my life, they will appear. I notice that everything I do requires a sacrifice. I have to be considerate as well. If I use blood it behaves in the way my emotional affect is. So if im angry, the manifestation will be volatile. If im lusting, the manifestation will fulfill this need.

I have had psychics see this spirit, hear this spirit, and offer me a name, which I am unsure of. But she will not appear to me, tho I can feel her touch me and i can feel her presence. I have conversations in my head, I presume to be with the spirit. She can be outright selfish and volatile but never towards me.

As a kid I had these nightmares where there was a smiling witch. I was in roman halls and I found her with a purple orb. I ran and found the place I had started in the dream. There was another orb, I touched it and woke up. Everytime i went back to sleep i was at the orb and she was there staring at me.

I started having dreams where I’d wake up next to my bed and I’d run from some spirit chasing me. But I’d close my eyes and say “its just a dream” and then I’d pop back up in my bed. I had to be next to my body to do this.

Eventually it stopped. But at 18 It started again and I started learning all this shamanic stuff. I just suddenly understood that the world was comprised of varying vibrations and that these vibrations were interpreted by the mind, but that we did not experience these vibrations in their raw energetic form. We live in a hallucination of the mind.

So ive been trying to understand this spirit more for awhile. The idea im exploring, and likely the most promising ive found, is that this is a kakodaemon that has attached herself to me. I had a rough childhood and distant parents, and at the peak of this, is when the spirit began manifesting. So maybe she wanted to be a mom? I dunno.

Any ideas are appreciated, please help me understand this.

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I never heard of the word “kakodaemon” before. How did you know to label them that?

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this spirit has been around for a long time. Kakodaemon is an identifying label for a type of daemon, of which there are 3.

Kakodaemon, eudaemon, and daemon.

In tradition, the kakodaemon was associated with silver, the eudaemon with gold, and daemons were the neutral between the two poles.,+eudaemon,+and+daemon.&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

Perhaps not useful but the other way is to ask the beings yourself- so that’s what I got :).

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I appreciate the responses, tho I am capable of using Google and came here in a last ditch effort to find info.

Since you know how to use Google and you have a long lasting relationship with this entity, there’s no much anyone else could say, especially if you’re negative when people try to help.

Maybe I’ll add this though:

Each person has an agathodaemon and a kakodaemon, which ofc you know. Since we’re nothing less than (and this is the short version) projections of the universe, think about them as your very personal “planetary” Spirit and Intelligence.
Look at Perseus constellation, Algol.


You clung to the claim that I could use Google. I wasnt negative, I was saying thank you nonetheless. Please dont project. I was more than cordial.

I appreciate all the help, im only iterating that I was already aware of what others posted, since its the top result on Google.

Thank you for your response.

I’ll look into that constellation, thats a connection I was unaware of, thank you.

Hmmmm is kakodaemon simply “lesser demon” or basically “demon but not a demon prince”? I think I remember them from the Magicians television series. Loved the idea of having a familiar one in a tattoo on my back :joy: but tv is never to be taken as actual demonology. Still though would be very beneficial.

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Mmm nope. I think that’s the closest you can get for the Kakodaemon and Agathodaemon:


I’m wondering, because you mentioned planetary energies so you may have had this same thought, but do you think this is why spirits manifest differently for people?

I know some generally manifest the same for most people, but there are spirits that manifest very differently to people. So im wondering if the planets in our natal charts and their associations to the spirit can influence how that spirit manifests.

Sorry for the deleted comment, im trying to iterate this properly.

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I haven’t noticed such thing to be honest,but truth is that many things shape our subconscious which means that even 2 people with the exact same natal chart, born at the exact same date/time/location, won’t experience the manifestation the same way.

I think this comment here explains a lot of things beautifully.

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